Devin Haney says George Kambosos will get beat worse in rematch

By Boxing News - 08/06/2022 - Comments

By Sean Jones: Undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney is vowing to give the ultra-confident former unified champ George Kambosos Jr a beating he won’t soon forget in their rematch on October 16th at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia.

Haney (28-0, 15 KOs) feels that Kambosos is still in denial about his one-sided loss last June in Melbourne.

That could be due to Kambosos’s fans blowing smoke up his backside, telling him how great he is, or he might be one of those rare types that can never acknowledge a defeat unless he’s knocked out.

To be sure, Haney doesn’t possess the power to knock Kambosos out with a single punch, but if he batters him endlessly on October 16th, he could get the job done.

If nothing else, Kambosos or his corner will wave the white flag of surrender to signal that they want mercy from Devin.

“He’s in denial about his defeat. He’s got people around him that won’t say he got completely outclassed; he was the better man and beat you from pillar to post,” said Devin Haney to AKHi TV about George Kambosos not accepting his loss.

“I don’t care if he acknowledges it. I walked out with the belt in his home country. If we do it again, it’s going to be worse. There’s not no connection that I know of, but as I say, I want to fight whoever. It doesn’t matter. I’ll fight him in October,” said Haney when asked if he’d like to fight Vasyl Lomachenko in October.

“I got nothing but respect for Loma, his country, and what he did for his country, his family. If we meet in the ring, we meet in the ring. If we don’t, we don’t. I want to fight the best fighters. These guys should be calling for me now because I’m the guy with all the hardware.

“It doesn’t really seem that way. I’m still the hunter, which I have no problem with. I’ve been doing that my whole career now. I’ve been hunting, and I have no problem continuing to hunt, knowing that I have everything.

“Yes, of course,” said Haney when asked if he’d take the Lomachennko fight in October if it’s offered to him.

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