Roy Jones Jr protege Fes Batista is set to make his return on April 23rd

By Boxing News - 03/13/2022 - Comments

By Daniele D’Alessio: After more than three years since his last contest, Roy Jones Jr protege and stablemate of Chris Eubank Jr, Fes Batista, is set to make his return to the ring on April 23rd.

In a recent interview, ‘The Terrier’ went into depth about his comeback, career goals, and his role as an anti-bullying ambassador.

When asked about being signed to one of the best boxers ever in Roy Jones Jr, Batista expressed his delight.

“It’s such an honor as he is pound for pound the best to ever do it. He is such a great mentor and always gives me time. He’s my favorite fighter of all time too so it is surreal to have him train me and guide my career.”

Batista has only had two professional fights so far but under the tutelage of Roy Jones Jr, it is yet to be seen how far he can go in his boxing career.

The man from Yorkshire went on to describe his exciting boxing style that fans can expect to see.

“I like to use my range with my long arms and heavy hands. I do like delivering hard body shots and fast combinations. I try to mix things up as much as possible.”

According to Batista, he has sparred the likes of Devin Haney and was able to hold his own.

“The best boxer I ever sparred with was Devin Haney. The first time I sparred him it was difficult due to low blows but I got better after. Kevin Newman is another top boxer I have sparred with. He is very talented. My favorite was Phil Baroni who I completely obliterated.”

Despite sparring top boxers, Batista has not fought since 2018 due to a serious health condition, but he is determined to return and prove a lot of people wrong.

“I had a serious health scare before that fight and my boxing was in serious jeopardy. Thankfully I have recovered. I have now built up my confidence in my body again and got a super team around me. I am fighting for one reason. I think your why is important in not giving up. My why is to prove to the bullies who tormented me that I am a winner! That I am worth! That I am not disgusting and a 3rd-grade citizen instead I am a champion. I have to have this dark cloud and demons demolished from my life and becoming a boxing champion is the only way I can do that. THIS IS the reason I am back! I want vindication!”

The undefeated boxer wants to win a world title and defend it in his hometown of Huddersfield.

“To become a champion and defend the belt in my hometown football stadium in Huddersfield in front of hopefully the bullies who ruined my life.”

Batista is also an ambassador of anti-bullying and wants to make a positive change in people’s lives. He candidly shared his experiences of growing up as a brown man in Yorkshire.

“I was bullied to the brink of suicide. I was convinced being brown was a disease, that it was disgusting. That I was trash. I hated myself. All because of the consistent bullying of the way I looked and my background. I want people to be careful with words they can not only ruin lives they can kill. I want to help create a kinder world.”

The Roy Jones Jr protege will make his return on St George’s day and he is proud to represent the country that he grew up in.

“My family came to this great nation with nothing and were given a fair chance to work hard and earn a living. I have always been taught from my family that I am ENGLISH and to be proud of it. I am so excited to represent my country in another country boxing on the historic Saint George’s day. I shall in the spirit of Saint George slay my own dragon (my demons) on April 23!”

Batista guarantees an exciting performance on April 23rd where he will showcase the skills he has learned from his renowned boxing mentor.

“I have a high-risk style so entertainment is guaranteed. I try to use some shades of Roy Jones Jr’s style but I make it my own. I desire a late stoppage after getting a few rounds under my belt.”