John Fury goes ballistic, says Tommy would “murder Jake Paul”

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By Scott Gilfoid: Tommy Fury’s dad John Fury sounded like an angry politician after his harder than expected four-round points decision over Jordan Grant (2-1) at the Telford International Centre, in Telford, England. Grant landed the better shots in every round and was forced to chase Tommy around the ring to get him to engage.

After the fight, John challenged YouTuber Jake Paul to fight Tommy, saying it would be bad for the American if he took the fight. With Tommy wanting a 50-50 purse split, Gilfoid isn’t holding his breath waiting for that fight to happen. Tommy would be lucky to a 95-5 split with Jake Paul at this point, and it likely wouldn’t end well for the young Fury.

Let’s assume that Jake gives Tommy an 80-20 split. It would still be a terrible fight for him. Jake is a born fighter with natural one-punch power.

In no way is Tommy Fury capable of dealing with someone like Jake at this stage in his career, and it isn’t very likely that he ever. He’s not big enough to dominate on size alone like his big brother Tyson Fury. He does spoil like Tyson, but he doesn’t possess even 10th of his talent.

Looking wild-eyed, John Fury started with the “mistakes were made” bit, and the rattled-off excuses for why light heavyweight Tommy Fury (6-0, 4 KOs) failed to dominate the 23-year-old Grant in this four-round affair. Although Tommy won the fight by a 40-36 score, he didn’t perform like a winner.

The fans were all over the 22-year-old, letting him know they thought of him. Okay, so Tommy Fury looked like the loser tonight against Grant, who very impressive unknown guy. I came away from the fight a big fan of Grant. That guy has potential, and unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Tommy.

John Fury says Tommy will “murder” Jake Paul

“Let me say this about Jake Paul,” said John Fury to iFL TV. “I’d get Jake Paul with the back of my hand, and I’m 56-years-old.

“This kid would murder Jake Paul. He’d get a life sentence if he murdered Jake Paul. That kid there [Jordan Grant] would have knocked Jake Paul out because these kids are fighting at Jake Paul’s age, and I’ll tell that to Jake Paul’s face.

“I’ll be in Las Vegas when he fights. Do you want to fight? There’s a slot there, the 24th of July. If you want it made, this kid will fight you.

“Don’t worry about that. He steps away from nobody. It’s up to me to guide him, and I’ll guide him right because he’s my son. I’m more than happy with that performance. Great stuff,” said John Fury.

Jake Paul would make easy work of Tommy Fury, in my view. Tommy is there to be hit, and he’s too slow, too weak, and is too much of a hugger to win against Jake. You can’t blame John and Tommy for pushing hard or the Jake Paul fight.

After all, if they get the fight, it’ll be a huge career-high payday for Tommy. He might make enough from the fight to retire on. It won’t even matter if Tommy loses the fight because the loot that he would make from fighting Jake would make the rest of his life pure gravy.

It’s not going to happen as long as Tommy is under the false illusion that he deserves a 50-50 split. When Jake heard talk of Tommy wanting an even split, he started laughing because it’s never going to happen.

I hate to break this to John Fury, but Jake is already fighting Tyron Woodley on August 28th, and he’s not going to have time to slip in some light work against Tommy. John needs to take a clear look at what he’s got with Tommy and bring him back to the elementary level in terms of opposition.

You can argue that if tonight’s fight should have been a victory for Grant. I hate to say it, but if Tommy Fury can’t even beat a domestic level prospect like Grant, what does that tell you about his future long-term? Some people aren’t made to be elite-level boxers.

No matter how hard they try, they don’t have it. John got lucky with Tyson Fury, but that doesn’t mean that he’s going to get lucky again with Tommy Fury. He doesn’t have the huge size to get away with being a light puncher the way Tyson Fury can.

John Fury says Tommy’s mistakes won’t happen again

“This kid will end up getting there because, let me tell you something, he knows what he did wrong. It won’t happen again,” said John Fury continued about his son Tommy.

“It’s a learning curve, isn’t it? It won’t happen again. He had 10 days to train. He come back, jetlagged to death, and he was back for 10 days, jetlagged.

“I could see it in the ring there. Listen, he used his uppercut well, lovely jab. He didn’t use his right hand. He was just letting his right-hand fly and not placing it properly.

“That’s due to settlement and getting down to the business properly. When he gets everything right when he gets in the ring and knows how to keep his composure a bit better, place the right hand properly, feinting with the jab.

“The right hand was going, but it wasn’t going very well. But listen, mistakes are made. That’s what it’s about. It’s a learning curve in his life. That’s what it’s about, learning,” said John.

The only mistakes I could see that Tommy made, besides his running and nonstop holding, was him turning his back to Grant and not possessing any power to speak of. Tommy isn’t going to fix his lack of power, as that seems to run in the family.

Tommy could have done another 6 rounds – says John Fury

“He [Tommy] learned from that more than anything else,” John said. “He knows now that people can fight, but we knew that anyway. People will criticize it anyway.

“Whatever you do, you can’t please Joe Public. They’re friends today, and they’ll hate you tomorrow. Do I care? No. I’m straight talking to you.

“He’s learning this game. I’m very proud of you, son. You’ve done what you have to do. You showed some good composure.

“The longer the fight, the better you got,” said John about Tommy.“You could have done another six rounds, couldn’t you? What more do I have to say? He’s a kid. Stop getting on him,” said John Fury.

Tommy lost the fourth round in Gilfoid’s scorecards, so it wouldn’t have bode well for him if he were forced to go another six rounds with the heavy-handed Grant. He was getting nailed by big shots from Grant, and it would have been too much if he’d attempted to fight another six rounds.

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Image: John Fury goes ballistic, says Tommy would "murder Jake Paul"

Image: John Fury goes ballistic, says Tommy would "murder Jake Paul"

Image: John Fury goes ballistic, says Tommy would "murder Jake Paul"

Image: John Fury goes ballistic, says Tommy would "murder Jake Paul"

Image: John Fury goes ballistic, says Tommy would "murder Jake Paul"

Image: John Fury goes ballistic, says Tommy would "murder Jake Paul"

Image: John Fury goes ballistic, says Tommy would "murder Jake Paul"