Adrien Broner: Is the welterweight division too much for him?

By Michael Vena - 02/23/2017 - Comments

Image: Adrien Broner: Is the welterweight division too much for him?

By Yannis Mihanos: Some fighters aim high in terms of title and achievement while others just target big money fights and do whatever it takes to go there. They are lured by what it is offered to them and do the adjustments. They bulk up or they trim down to fit wherever the big money is available.

But it doesn’t always work as expected, since his arrival in the welterweight division, Adrien “the problem” Broner (33 Wins-2 Loses) has experienced problems.

From the moment, his unbeaten run came to an end by Marcos Maidana, many of his fights have become real battles. His polished, unblemished blueprint has now become readily available.

Broner is now here for the taking. There is now a visible, identifiable weak point in him.

For Broner, is the fact that he cannot take constant pressure, he cannot move right, he cannot hit right, he cannot concentrate right, he cannot think right.

Last Saturday night this happened again with Adrian Granados. Granados kept on coming at him like a wild dog until the very last second of the fight. Unofficial score cards had the fight with Granados winning.

Broner got the victory but with a lot of pain and agony, he is lucky that Granados wasn’t a huge puncher.

Because if he was, trust me, he would have gone down and lost. By now, all fans have understood that Broner isn’t the new Mayweather and he will never be, period.

Broner is a good fighter that can fit in any bill but not the one who will set the boxing world on fire.

Welterweight division offers more money and stardom but not without a price. It is obvious that Broner is paying the price for all the promises he so easily gave. Opponents and fans take the Mickey out of him.

So Broner’s problem is not solved yet, it has been increased. In my opinion he has basically two choices, one is the logical one, reconsider his decision to fight in the welterweight, drop the weight and return where he came from.

There even if he gets under constant pressure by the opponents he could still be strong.

The second choice it is just theoretical: change training ways and improve in areas that today he is lack off.

Welterweight division offers very good money but this is also a territory of many good and tough fighters.

If Broner wants to stay that’s fine but it’s not going to get any easier.