Wladimir Klitschko, the best heavyweight since Ali

By melo - 11/17/2014 - Comments

By Daven: Premier heavyweights throughout history  have possessed a sensational technique, magnificent jab and great ring awareness. Not to mention they’ve stayed at the top for years despite their advancing age. One points to examples such as Jack Johnson, Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali. Another man joined these elite fighters in my opinion last Saturday night. Dr Steelhammer is 38 years old but still refuses to be put down by his younger foes. Three years ago Haye failed miserably, followed by the widely acclaimed Povetkin and now Pulev, is the most recent victim of the Ukrainian’s mastery. These three aforementioned prize-fighters are excellent by the standards of this era, so Klitschko deserves ample credit for triumphing over them.

You may despise Wladimir’s lack of “excitement” but I ask you, so what? Floyd Mayweather Jr is the highest paid athlete in the world yet his fights are often lacking in the dramatic department. Refusing to engage with reckless abandon does not make Dr Steelhammer a poor fighter in the slightest. Nor does it hinder his obvious greatness. Boxing is for the intelligent not the barbaric. Mike Tyson for all his drama outside of the ring failed to win against any elite fighter in their prime. Contrast that with Wladimir who’s already taken Thompson Haye, and Povetkin out in style.

In fact, since Ali, nobody has surpassed the heights Wladimir Klitschko has reached. Larry Holmes defeated weak opposition and faded greats, Evander Holyfield lacked consistency and hit his prime far too soon and Lennox lewis for all his class would never have coped with Wladimir at his peak. Klitschko’s jab would essentially take away Lewis’ leaving the Canadian-Brit vulnerable to a barrage at any given moment. Mike Tyson had three good years in his whole career, that was it. Wladimir would have finished Tyson within 8 rounds in my estimation because a prime Wlad would never allow Tyson to connect with any power punches on the inside at all.

Perhaps most impressively Klitschko , is an articulate and magnanimous ambassador for his sport. He holds liberal political views, regards the lack of women in politics as scandalous and shames racists and homophobes all over the world. Not since Ali, has there been a greater humanitarian heavyweight champion. Luckily for all true boxing enthusiasts Dr Steelhammer still has at least 3 more fights in him yet, Stiverne, Wilder and Fury could all be receiving boxing lessons from the maestro in the near future.

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