What will Pacquiao’s excuses be when he loses to Margarito?

By Boxing News - 11/06/2010 - Comments

By Dave Lahr: With all the constant complaining that Freddie Roach has made about Manny Pacquiao not looking good for his training for the Antonio Margarito fight, I have a feeling that Roach, Bob Arum and Pacquiao will use this as the excuse for when Pacquiao gets whipped by Margarito on November 13th.

That’s not the only excuses I see Pacquiao and his team making after he loses to Margarito, but that will still probably be the first of many they pull out of their backsides to save face with boxing fans. I also see Pacquiao’s team complaining about Margarito’s size, saying something along the lines of Margarito simply being too big for Manny to beat.

Pacquiao’s loving, and adoring boxing fans will, of course, be sympathetic to him and will buy into the excuse hook, line and sinker. They’ll probably complain that they needed a bigger catch-weight to drain Margarito more. I don’t know how much more you can ask for without it being a welterweight fight.

The bout is already taking place 150 pounds instead of the maximum weight of 154 for the division. Since Pacquiao is fighting for the vacant WBC junior middleweight title, it’s off-putting that the fight is being held at a catch-weight that favors Pacquiao while hurting Margarito.

This will be funny when Pacquiao still loses the fight. I don’t see him giving up on trying to win the 8th world title, because he’s into collecting these paper titles for some reason. He, Roach and Arum will probably go back to the drawing board and will get the lowest catch-weight allowable for the next time that Pacquiao challenges one of the champions.

Depending on how badly Margarito beats Pacquiao, there may or may not be a rematch. If it’s too one-sided, there won’t be a rematch. Pacquiao will turn around and go after one of the other junior middleweight champions rather than taking another risk against the Mexican Tornado.

I hope Pacquiao doesn’t make excuses after Margarito whips him. I just want him to be a man and admit the better fighter one. I’m pretty sure Roach will be coming up with excuses by the dozens for the loss, and won’t admit that Pacquiao just got beat.

For Roach, after all that bragging he did about Pacquiao easily beating Margarito, he’s going to look really silly. This is why Roach is probably going to be coming up with the most inventive of excuses to help explain away Pacquiao’s loss. Roach won’t want to look bad, and the excuses are probably going to be flying out of his mouth at the speed of light. I just hope he doesn’t cry. I don’t want to see him blubbering in the ring at the sight of Pacquiao’s bloody and beaten body afterwards.

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