Cold War

By Chris Brown: The phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” has been advice heard by everyone from time to time. With the millions that Golden Boy and Top Rank earn, why end a cold war? There’s no pressure on them. Segregating your fighters from another promotional company is merely business strategy?

The only ones losing out are: the sport itself, the boxing public, and the fighters. That’s a small fee to Top Rank and Golden Boy.

This has been talked about recently amongst fighters calling for an end to this battle.

It is affecting the sport negatively. This makes boxing uniquely corrupt. While promoters talk of a world wondrous type of event when you only a few fighters to choose from is laughable. Perhaps it’s the ego of multimillionaires vs. multimillionaires.

Obviously, you don’t have to sign a contract with promoter. You can guide yourself. That’s sounds equally silly because you can’t get certain fights unless you’re signed with a certain promoter.

Sounds fair, huh? Almost illegal. Does that sound remotely like a professional sport?

Potential fights that will never materialize has hurt the sport. Every sport-fan enjoys the best vs. the best. Every man likes variety, right? Style makes fights. It’s just silly. If you are the promoter, your supposed job is to create the best possible event to entertain the fans. It seems the events are the best possible con game to keep money in house and to maintain your cash cow. Perhaps, it has always been this way, but it so obvious.

This creates a dullness in the sport. When imaginations can run wild about match-ups, it creates a buzz for fights. On the other hand, what is happening is the quick denial of fights because of conflicts amongst promoters. The boxing public is growing tired of millionaires not getting along with millionaires. What can the boxing fans actually do? Stop Watching boxing? Stop ordering PPV’s? Follow another sport?

The fighters have more say than the fans. They could talk against the current system.

They could demand the fights. People usually don’t speak out against they system that pays them. This leaves an opening for ex-fighters, writers, or even analysts to challenge the powers to be. Simply say you are hurting the sport we love.

We know money is important but at the expense of the sport. In all likelihood, there will no uprising.

There will be no pressure to change. This archaic way of doing business will remain the same.

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