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Floyd and Manny: The nonsense is back again

pac884By Babatis Banda: Manny Pacquiao looked sensational against Brandon Rios. He really taught Rios a boxing lesson from round one to the last. Looking at that fight, Pacquiao looked great and a lot of relief for the Pacquiao die-hard fans. As good as that fight looked, it was a boxing travesty of the first order. Notwithstanding the fact that Rios was coming off a loss and fighting for the first time at welterweight, he was tailor made for Pacquiao in every little sense. Just like Mayweather senior said before the fight, Rios is not only dumb slow, has no head movement, terrible footwork and never possessed a single attribute that could have caused Pacquiao any luck of sleep.

Thumbs up for Bob Arum, this was a well thought-of match-making. There was literally nothing Pacquiao was risking other than testing if all was still intact inside. Now I see a lot of tails up. I have no problems with the tails, but I have every problem for Arum to say he is waiting for the Mayweathers to contact him.

Arum should be running around really hard trying to make the fight. It is Pacquiao challenging the supremacy of Mayweather and not the other way round. Arum should never carry any illusions in his head if he really would love to see Floyd in there with Pacquiao.

Personally, I really feel both Pacquiao and Floyd need to fight now rather than later, but we should never forget where we are coming from. All those issues need to be dealt with to avoid earlier obstacles. Pacquiao’s win over Rios is not a ticket to call shots against Floyd and the sooner everybody realizes this fact the better. I also agree that Pacquiao is the biggest money fight available to Mayweather and as such, Floyd need to show some respect for the fighter. All in all, Arum has the biggest stake in this whole issue, he can make this fight if he is committed. No more excuses of a 50-50 split, no more excuses of building a stadium and all that crap. Let us get this fight done by talking genuinely.

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