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Deontay: Can he make it?

photo: deontay wilder By Steven Ocallaghan: After a chat with American heavyweight contender Deontay Wilder (27-0, 27 KO’s) on twitter, I’m still perplexed to what he expects of the public. I questioned his choice of opponents and he answered by saying that I know nothing about boxing.

All my life I have watched, read and studied the noble art, even have a claim to fame in sparring to knocking down a world champion. I replied that I have forgotten more than he knows. His reply was that I was a hater, by which I’m not. Anybody ho can KO 27 out of 27 has to be listened to, but because I disagree, I know nothing.

What I want from the sport I love is to watch good fights. I want to see competitive fights. Wilder’s fights have been nowhere near that. The point I told him was after 27 fights, the fans want to see more.

Frank Warren has put on a great show on March 16. Big fights with a unification fight topping the bill. For the record I’m a big Ricky Burns fan for the reason he comes to fight. Golden Boy Promotions (GBP) should take a leaf out of Frank Warren’s book and give the fans what they want.

For the record, Deontay, I’m not a hater but actually a fan. I like the way you finish fights. I just want you to step up and be tested. World champ in waiting ? We will wait and see.

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