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Warren wants Fury, Price, Chisora & Haye mini-tourney in 2013 in Football stadium

haye324By Scott Gilfoid: British promoter Frank Warren says he’d like to have the four best British heavyweights facing off in 2013 in a mini-tournament. Warren would like to put them in a large football stadium to accommodate all the boxing fans.

Warren said to “Haye, David Price and Tyson Fury are three big men with big question makes over their durability. Add Dereck Chisora…then pair any two in semi-finals with the victors to meet and determine the ‘Don. All would fill football stadiums, but stop dreaming, Frank.”

I think this is a pretty good idea. It would give boxing fans a great chance to see who is for real and who the pretenders are with these four. I know Chisora has already been beaten by Haye and Fury, but I still think he’d have a chance of beating any of those guys if he came in shape and went after them with everything he has in the first couple of rounds. If Chisora can’t get to Haye, Fury and Price by round two, he’ll likely get knocked out.

I think Haye would ultimately emerge as the winner of the tournament because Fury and Price have faced such terrible opposition up to this point, and both have serious question marks about their ability to take big shots. Fury is so incredibly easy to hit, as we saw in his recent fight with Kevin Johnson, and he’s already been hurt a number of times against the weak punchers he’s faced. Price still has major questions about his chin from his time in the 2008 Olympics when he was hurt badly by Italian gold medalist Roberto Cammarelle.

We’ve not seen Price get put in with anyone with even a hint of power since his loss to Cammarelle. Haye doesn’t have the same heavy hands as Cammarelle, but when he loads up on his shots, he can punch as hard. I don’t see Price being able to make it out of the 1st round against Haye if he comes out head hunting.

I doubt that any of these heavyweights would go along with this plan, because three of them would be chewed up and spit out, while only one of them would get the honors. No doubt the winner of this tourney would win over a ton of fans and likely make more money ultimately, but I think Price, Fury and Haye wouldn’t agree to take part in the tourney due to the high risk involved.

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