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Haye squawking about a contract with Vitali already being agreed upon

By Scott Gilfoid: David Haye (26-2, 24 KO’s) must really want a fight with WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko awfully bad, because he’s talking about a contract with him even before ones been given to him. It’s like asking for dinner when it’s breakfast time. Vitali isn’t offering Haye anything.

Vitali is right in the middle of his political elections and here Haye is flapping his gums for anyone who wants to hear him talk about a Vitali fight. Good god, man, and have some patience.

Haye said to the “The fight has already been agreed, the contract’s done, the money, the split, everything. We don’t need a new contract. The contract’s not as good as it was against Wladimir but I don’t expect that because I’m the challenger now. It’s fair, I’ll survive and it gives me a chance to get the WBC back.”

Haye went onto say that if he was to beat Vitali, which isn’t going to happen, Haye might have to fight Wladimir again. I really don’t think Haye should worry about those kinds of things. He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t get knocked out. It’s going to be a lopsided loss for Haye, if the fight even takes place and it might not. If Vitali gets elected to office in Ukraine, then Haye can forget all about a fight with him, because Vitali’s political career is much more important than some silly fight against a guy his brother already easily beat last year.

It goes without saying that Haye is going to get a lousy deal in terms of the money split for a fight between him and Vitali, but what does he expect? He’s a challenger, and a rusty one at that. Haye doesn’t bring much to the table anymore because he’s a part time fighter now and hasn’t done squat to try and redeem himself after his shellacking by Wladimir.

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