Does Cotto Have The Style To Beat Margarito?

After undefeated World Boxing Association welterweight champion Miguel Cotto’s (31-0, 25 KOs) close shave victory over challenger Shane Mosley on Saturday night, Miguel mentioned that he’d be interested in fighting the top fights, like Floyd Mayweather, Paul Williams, Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, but for some reason, avoided the name of Antonio Margarito. It seemed like a strange omission, considering the fact that Margarito is considered one of the best welterweights in the division, certainly better than either De La Hoya or Hatton, and perhaps even better than Williams.

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Will Miguel Cotto Hold Onto His Title For Long?

By Richard Rodriguez: As much as I enjoyed watching last Saturday’s fight between World Boxing Association welterweight champion Miguel Cotto (31-0, 25 KOs) and Shane Mosley, I couldn’t help wonder how much longer Cotto will be able to hold onto his title. Unlike the legions of Cotto sycophants, I see him as a remake of Arturo Gatti, except with good skin that tear easily. Cotto has taken a pounding in almost all of his bouts in the past couple of years and has been lucky not to have been knocked out in some of them. He’s really taken a ton of head shots in all of his most recent bouts, and I wonder how much longer he can continue on without losing to someone.

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Cotto – What’s Next? De La Hoya, Williams, Margarito or Hatton?

cotto543554.jpgWith the dust barely settled following World Boxing Association welterweight champion Miguel Cotto’s narrow decision over Shane Mosely on Sat6urday night at Madison Square Garden, the question in most people’s minds is who should Cotto fight next? As Cotto puts it, he’d be interested in fighting “all the top guys,” like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Oscar De La Hoya. However, the chance of him actually fighting either of them is slim and none, unfortunately.

De La Hoya has strict marching orders from his Puerto Rican wife, telling him that he can’t find fighters from Puerto Rico, for which Cotto is from. It’s unclear whether that De La Hoya would go against his wife’s wishes, but unless I miss my guess, this is probably a convenient excuse for him not to have to face the embarrassment of losing badly, likely by knockout by the hard-punching Cotto. So, De La Hoya’s basically out of the picture, no matter how much Cotto might want to fight him.

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Cotto Receives Gift Decision Over Mosley

cotto44575.jpgWorld Boxing Association welterweight champion Miguel Cotto (31-0, 25 KOs) remained unbeaten last night, albeit from a questionable decision, defeating former lightweight and welterweight champion Shane Mosley by unanimous decision last night at New York’s Madison Square Garden. The final judges’ scores were 115-113, 115-113 and 116-113. However, it appeared that the 35 year-old Mosley had beaten Cotto.

At worst, it could have been ruled a draw, as Mosley won most of the 2nd half of the fight, including the championship rounds in which he had Cotto, the champion, running from him. That’s not to say that Cotto didn’t have his moments, because he surely did, particularly in the early rounds of the fight when he was able to land his right hand and left hook to the body with great effectiveness.

Mosely, though, won three of the first six rounds on my scorecard, and four of the last six rounds, hurting Cotto in both the 9th and 10th rounds with right hands. After the sixth round, Mosely began using more movement, choosing to stay on the outside and attack sporatically with flurries.

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Mosley Cotto – Is Shane Too Old To Compete With Miguel?

With little under two weeks to go before veteran Shane Mosley (44-4, 37 KOs) takes on undefeated welterweight champion Miguel Cotto (30-0, 25 KOs), there has been a lot of doubters about Cotto’s chances in the bout, mostly due to his advanced age or 35, which will put him a distinct disadvantage against the younger 25-year old Cotto. Though Mosley is a former pound-4-pound fighter, his age and lack of top level competition in recent years will be an issue for him when he steps it up to take on Cotto, who is fighting perhaps the best he ever has in his career. To be sure, Mosley left behind his prime years as long as seven years ago, around the time that he first defeated Oscar Dela Hoya.

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Mosley vs Cotto Update

World welterweight champion Miguel Cotto, looking fit and trim, came in at 157 pounds today in San Juan for his 30-day pre-fight weigh-in. Cotto was far under the limit for this date and said he is anxious to take on Sugar Shane Mosley at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Nov. 10. “I am very satisfied with all of my training and work we have done so far,” Cotto said. “There is no doubt I will be in my best-ever condition on November 10..”

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Cotto-Mosley: Shane Ready For Miguel

mosley357.jpgFormer Lightweight and welterweight champion Shane Mosley (44-4, 37 KOs) is reportedly looking forward to his November 10th bout with WBA welterweight champion Miguel Cotto (30-0, 25 KOs) at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Mosley, who turns 36 on Friday, September 7th, knows what it’s like to hold a welterweight, having previously held the WBC title among his other titles won at both lightweight and junior middleweight. Mosely is un-fazed by the fact that he’s the underdog going into the bout, even though he’s got the more extensive boxing resume against much better opposition that Cotto, 26, has faced thus far in his career.

Mosley, a fighter made famous for twice beating the great oscar de la Hoya and a one-time pound-for-pound top fighter in boxing, is known for his speed and strength. He fights exceptionally well in exchanges with opponents, and often comes out on top in most of them. Mosley knows when to move to the outside, especially when facing tough opposition like Vernon Forrest and Winky Wright, both of whom beat Mosley twice.

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