De La Hoya – Pacquiao Expected To Be Signed Soon! – Boxing News

delahoya33.jpgBy Thomas Hanson: It seems as if the negotiations between Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao are still alive and well. In fact, De La Hoya is expecting to make an announcement about the fight next week, according to De La Hoya said that he wants the fight. However, it remains to seen whether he wants it bad enough to change his original purse split offer of 70-30 to something more to Pacquiao’s liking, which has steadfastly remained stuck at 60-40. Last week, Pacquiao walked away from the bargaining process when he saw that De La Hoya wasn’t making any movements on his original 70-30 offer.

However, it may possibly be that Pacquiao is reconsidering taking the offer, because it would still easily give him the biggest payday of his career, maybe as much by 4X. That’s obviously something that has to be on his mind, because it’s not every day that Pacquiao gets a payday which will likely end with him making $15 million. Although it will likely not be quite as much as the $22 million that Mayweather received, it will still come close enough. Mayweather, by the way, also was given a 70-30 purse split by De La Hoya, and had no problems taking it.

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Why Won’t Pacquiao Fight Marquez Again?

marquez55544.jpgBy Manuel Perez: After having seen the second of their two fights in March, a fight which Marquez appeared to dominate yet lost by a 12-round split decision, I wonder why on earth Manny Pacquiao (47-3, 25 KOs) is content to walk away from a third bout between the two fighters? Could it be fear that he may lose to him, which he should have in the second if the judges’ had scored it as many boxing fans did, and hence ruin his ability to get future big paydays? It seems as if Pacquiao is ducking him, trying to avoid taking a big risk – for little money – and fighting him. Instead of what would likely be a superb third fight between these two fighters, we get Pacquiao dancing back and forth with De La Hoya over money issues.

Even if the fight ever does come off, which i don’t think it will, it still won’t likely be as half as exciting as a third fight between Marquez and Pacquiao. Maybe I come from the old school in which when you don’t beat someone conclusively, you turn around immediately and give them a rematch so you can prove it to the public and yourself, that you are indeed the better fighter of the two. Pacquiao, as good as some of his many boxing fans think he is, hasn’t proven himself to be the better fighter in either of their two bouts. In fact, he’s proven to be the lesser of the two fighters, as Marquez has out-boxed him in both fighters after being knocked down. Who cares if Marquez was knocked down once or twice?

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De La Hoya-Pacquiao: 65-35 Split Might Not Be Good Enough For Manny

de-la-hoya44454.jpgBy Sean McDaniel: In the latest boxing news on the Oscar De La Hoya vs. Manny Pacquiao fight negotiations, there’s still no movement between the two sides, and it may turn out that a 65-35 split might not be good enough to get Pacquiao to sign for the fight. In fact, De La Hoya, 35, might want to sweeten the offer a little more and perhaps bump it up another percentage point or two, so that Pacquiao might find it more to his liking and agree to the terms. The original offer made to Pacquiao was a 70-30 split, with Pacquiao getting the much smaller 30% PPV revenue.

Some boxing fans might think that this is a low number, but given the fact that De La Hoya is the name here, the main drawing factor in the U.S. by far, it more than makes sense. Even at the lower 30% number, it’s still more than two-three times the biggest amount of money that Pacquiao has ever received in a fight in his entire career.

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Did Pacquiao Disrespect De La Hoya By Walking Away?

pacquiao5457341.jpgBy Manuel Perez: As the saying goes, Pride goes before a fall. This was never more the case when World Boxing Council lightweight champion Manny Pacquiao refused the 70-30 purse split offer so generously offered up by Oscar De La Hoya for their December 6th bout. Pacquiao not only turned it down, but walked away from the bargaining process completely, leaving De La Hoya alone with egg on his face. It’s not something that a proud fighter like De La Hoya is accustomed to, and I doubt that it will be forgotten now, even if Pacquiao were to have a change of mind and suddenly want the fight.

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De La Hoya Turns To Mora After Pacquiao Walks Away

de-la-hoya464588.jpgBy Jim Dower: Going from a massive fight that would have likely brought in huge PPV dollar numbers, Oscar De La Hoya has suddenly had a lowering of expectations, turning his sights to WBC light middleweight champion Sergio Mora as his final opponent of his career on December 6th. The fight, however, isn’t a solid lock because Mora still would need to defeat former light middleweight champion Vernon Forrest in their rematch on September 13th. That’s going to be a tall order for Mora, because Forrest looked to be having an off night, and even then he landed the better shots and came close to defeating Mora.

With motivation, Forrest will likely beat Mora, which will send De La Hoya scurrying about yet again looking for another opponent. I doubt for a second that De La Hoya would show any interested in fighting the tough Forrest, because he punches hard and might damage the face of De La Hoya, sending him potentially to his retirement in defeat. De La Hoya is reportedly having no trouble with discussing of the financial terms of the fight with Mora’s promoter, and it seems that they’re not adverse to the terms like Manny Pacquiao recently was this week.

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With Pacquiao Out of The Picture, Who Should De La Hoya Fight?

dela-hoya44431.jpgBy Aaron Klein: With today’s bombshell announcement that Manny Pacquiao has pulled out of the negotiations for a fight with Oscar De La Hoya, turning down a 70-30 purse split, just who now should De La Hoya fight on December 6th? To be sure, Pacquiao still would probably be the best option, but De La Hoya doesn’t want to budge from his original offer to meet the 60-40 split that Pacquiao is interested in. In turning down the fight, Pacquiao seems to acting on principal, since he’s walking away from what would likely be none to ten million dollars that he would earn for the fight if he were to take the 70-30 split. Not bad money for any fighter to take, and a number that is three to four times what Pacquiao normally gets for his fights.

Knowing how much money he’s walking away from, you got to respect Pacquiao for sticking to his guns and not allowing himself to accept anything lower than what he asked for. This leaves De La Hoya – again – without an opponent for his last fight of his boxing career. Previously, Floyd Mayweather Jr., who had been thought to be De La Hoya’s last fight of his career, suddenly retired, leaving De la Hoya scrambling for an opponent.

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De La Hoya-Pacquiao Negotiations Off?

delahoya54546.jpgBy William Mackay: According to reports from fightnews, Manny Pacquiao has turned down an offer of a 70-30 split from Golden Boy Promotions for a potential December 6th fight with Oscar De La Hoya. Pacquiao wanted a 60-40 split, but De La Hoya’s Golden Boy management team where firm with the original 70-30 split. Instead of taking the offer, Pacquiao will either stay at lightweight or possibly move back down to the super featherweight division where there are opponents like Edwin Valero and Juan Manuel Marquez waiting for Pacquiao.

Both De La Hoy and Pacquiao had previously been stuck on the purse split issue and glove sizes (Pacquiao wanted the smaller 8-oz gloves while De La Hoya wanted the large 10-oz gloves. However, the purse split was the real issue, as Pacquiao, by far the better fighter at this stage in his boxing career, wanted a 60-40 split given his talent and his huge popularity among boxing fans.

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Calzaghe-Jones, Pavlik-Hopkins, De La Hoya-Pacquiao: Is Boxing In a Race To The Bottom?

jones464346664.jpgBy Tony Krebs: Just looking at the current state of boxing now with fighters like Kelly Pavlik facing 43 year-old former champion Bernard Hopkins rather than other more deserving middleweights, undefeated Joe Calzaghe avoiding his top super middleweight opponents to fight a 39 year-old Roy Jones Jr, and then for the kicker of them all, Oscar De La Hoya taking on Manny Pacquiao, a fighter that he outweighs by 25 lbs. There is certainly a great deal of ridicule that has occurred due to these bouts, as it seems to have made a mockery of the different weight classes, removing established weight boundaries, turning things into a state of chaos in which only what brings about the most money seems to count.

Forget about taking on your number one mandatory, these fighters seem to be out for one thing – the most money they can get for a fight. I suppose it wouldn’t matter so much if it didn’t affect other fighters in their weight classes, ones that are being overlooked just so these fighters can get a chance for a big payday. However, I don’t see it as being fair to the other fighters in the division, nor to boxing either. If someone like Kelly Pavlik, the WBC/WBO middleweight champion, is taking on fighters like Hopkins as 170, what happens to other fighters that may have had a chance to show their talent if given the chance against Pavlik?

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Forget Pacquiao, De La Hoya Needs To Avenge His Losses Or Else Face Margarito

delahoya465224.jpgBy Chet Mills: With still no official word as to who Oscar De La Hoya will be facing for his final fight on December 6th, it seems as if the leading candidate in the running is small lightweight Manny Pacquiao, the 5’6″ Filipino star. Antonio Margarito, fresh off his 10th round TKO of Miguel Cotto, is apparently in the running as well, although most boxing fans doubt that he’ll land the fight with Oscar.

The fight is a bad match-up for Pacquiao, who will be giving up a lot of size to the 5’11” De La Hoya. In the end, the fight is more about making money for each of them than it is about a fight that is truly a competitive one. Even with Pacquiao’s incredible speed and power at the lower weights, he’ll be in the end simply too small to give De La Hoya a run for the money in the fight. For a lot of fans of De La Hoya, this potential fight has been a lightning rod for criticism, as many of them point out the size differences between the two fighters which favors the bigger De La Hoya by a considerable margin. Indeed, De La Hoya has been fighting mostly at 154, whereas up until his last fight against David Diaz, Pacquiao has been fighting as a super featherweight and going quite well at that weight, with the exception of his two fights with Juan Manuel Marquez.

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De La Hoya vs. Pacquiao in December?

delahoya4574634.jpgBy Manuel Perez: For most people, the thought of Manny Pacquiao, currently the WBC lightweight champion, every fighting a fighter as big as welterweight Oscar De La Hoya, seemed laughable due to the huge size differences between the two fighters. Indeed, most boxing fans that dared mention such a match up in boxing forums on the internet were quickly ridiculed and laughed off the board.

However, things may have changed with De La Hoya, 35, planning on fighting for the final time in his career in December, and with Pacquiao’s recent move up in weight to defeat WBC lightweight champion David Diaz in a 9th round TKO in June. Now, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum is reportedly in meetings with Golden Boy Chief executive officer Richard Schaefer about a December 6th bout between Pacquiao and De La Hoya. For Pacquiao, 29, this fight would work out perfectly, because he’s got an open date around that time with no scheduled opponents. He had been hoping to fight Ricky Hatton at that time, but Hatton isn’t interested instead in fighting IBF light welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi in November.

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