Ryan Garcia says Gervonta Davis’ team cared more about him than his own

By Boxing News - 06/01/2023 - Comments

By Robert Segal: Ryan Garcia says his Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis’ team cared more about him after his defeat last April than his own team, some of which didn’t show up at the post-fight press conference.

Ryan (23-1, 19 KOs) says that he got to see who really cared about him when he was left all alone to meet with the media after his seventh round knockout loss.

In the aftermath of the fight, the 24-year-old superstar Ryan parted ways with his trainer Joe Goosen and he reportedly hasn’t spoken to his promoter Oscar De La Hoya, who was one of the ones that weren’t present at the post-fight press conference.

Ryan says that somebody “betrayed” him in training camp by acting as a mole to supply information to Tank Davis’ team about what he was doing in preparation.

Kingry doesn’t say who he thinks this person is, but at this point, that person, whoever they are, won’t get a second chance to betray Ryan again, as he’s now with a new trainer in Derrick James in Texas, and he’ll undoubtedly have different sparring partners working with him for his next fight.

“Thank God that he showed me everybody that you know may have not
been working for me. If I won, I wouldn’t have got to see it. I lost, and I seen everybody leave me, and then I just got to see who’s really there for me,” said Ryan Garcia to Bradley Martyn about some of his team not showing up at his post-fight press conference after his loss to Gervonta Tank Davis last April.

Ryan has gotten an eye-opener with him being left alone after his loss, and he’s cleaned how with his team. He’s still with the same promoter, but we’ll see if that works out.

“I have to fight, but nobody was there for me like my team but just didn’t come to the press conference,” said Ryan. “Ain’t going to do nothing. You know what I mean? That’s so obvious I was left with somebody betrayed me in Camp. They weren’t trying to look out for me after the fight. It was like I was left with that.

“It was the worst, and I had Tank’s team really care about me more than my own team. I had God with me the whole way. So I’m going to understand who’s there with me. God, my mom, and the team,” said Ryan.

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