Ryan Garcia wants rematch with Gervonta Davis at 140 or 147 after a couple of wins

By Boxing News - 04/24/2023 - Comments

By Jake Tiernan: Ryan Garcia is interested in fighting a rematch with Gervonta Davis in the future at 140 or 147 after he picks up a couple of wins.

Considering what happened last Saturday night, Ryan (23-1, 19 KOs) isn’t in the position to be telling Tank Davis (29-0, 27 KOs) what weight the rematch needs to take place at, but things could change in the future.

If Ryan’s career skyrockets at 140 or 147 and Tank’s plummets at 135, there’s a possibility that we could see a rematch. As of now, Ryan’s future is uncertain, with him moving up to light welterweight.

Tank could lose if he fights Shakur Stevenson or Devin Haney, and then he wouldn’t have the A-side power to demand a catchweight + rehydration clause in a rematch with Ryan.

We don’t know if he’s going to find success against the big punchers in the 140-lb division.

It’s not a good sign that Ryan is moving up in weight after being stopped with a body shot by Gervonta last weekend because the fighters at 140 hit as hard, if not harder, than Tank.

“Hopefully, one day after I rack up a couple of wins, we can do a rematch at 140 or 147,” said Ryan Garcia on social media about wanting a rematch with Gervonta Davis.

Rehydration clauses be eliminated

“I think they need to go back and review the reason why they even started doing them,” said Antonio Tarver to Fight Hub TV when asked what his view is on rehydration clauses for fights. “It was to give the A-side fighter somewhat of an advantage.

“Knock it off. The IBF and all this. A day before the fight is customary. It’s been like that forever. Stop making these guys rehydrate and weigh-in on the fight date. That’s ridiculous.

“Just because a guy gains a few pounds doesn’t mean he’s going to be more effective. Get your mind out of that. We just saw a big guy [Sebastian] Fundora get dropped and knocked out. If you can beat the man, you can beat the man, period.

“The amateurs don’t do it. Nah, we got to remove that from the game because it can get somebody hurt seriously. If they don’t know nothing about that rehydration thing. It can get somebody seriously hurt.

“Pitbull, I think a fight with him and [Ryan] Garcia would have been a real indicator of what Garcia would have had to look forward to with a Tank fight because of the aggression with Pitbull. If Garcia would have got passed him, he probably would have been a favorite in the fight this past weekend.

“I think he made a mistake not fighting that kid because that would have elevated his performance. It would have elevated his experience. He would have came into this fight with a real high after coming off a great win over a guy like Pitbull just like Gervonta Davis was coming off a big win.

“So, I think that when he [Ryan] looks bad at it, his team, I think they’re going to regret getting that one off before going into the Gervonta Davis fight because he just didn’t have enough reps to prepare himself for that type of talent.

“He’s a lot more aggressive than Gervonta Davis. Gervonta Davis is a technical, calculating monster in there. It only takes one opening to get you out of there. Now Pitbull, with his aggression, it could be an interesting fight. It would be a much more exciting fight for a guy like Ryan Garcia because he’s going to have to let his hands go to keep Pitbull off of him.

“So, I think we want to see that fight. Maybe that could be an eliminator to another title fight. But if Ryan is serious about becoming the guy one day in the lightweight division, he’s going to have to get back on that horse and fight one of those killers, man,” said Tarver.

Ryan should be stronger at 140

“I love Regis [Prograis], one of my favorite fighters,” Tarver said. “He [Ryan] brings some heat to the game.  The lightweights are moving up. Yeah, I like Ryan at 140. He might feel a little bit better for what he had to go through.

“Get comfortable. Some fighters say, ‘You never sacrifice that.’ You sacrifice walking in second, walking in first, but don’t sacrifice putting your body through that just to make a fight. In hindsight, just do it fair. straight up and down,” said Tarver.

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