Tyson Fury says Deontay Wilder KOs Francis Ngannou

By Charles Brun: Tyson Fury was able to set aside some of his bitter dislike for Deontay Wilder for a second to make a rather obvious prediction of him knocking out the novice Francis Ngannou if that fight happens.

Although Fury reveals that he would like to see former WBC heavyweight champion Wilder (43-2-1, 42 KOs) knocked out by Ngannou (0-0), he doesn’t see it as a likely outcome.

Throwing a 34-year-old former MMA fighter like Ngannou in the ring with Wilder is a bad idea because he’ll get flattened in a round or two. Ngannou has a primitive fighting style, leaving himself open for right hands all the time.

“I suppose he [6’4″ former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou] is big enough to knock anybody out, but I just don’t think he does, because I think Wilder knocks him out first,” said Tyson Fury to Fight Hub TV bout his belief that he believes Deontay Wilder stops Francis Ngannou.

“Wilder is the type of guy who is like a piece of s**t kind of guy, so, I’d like to see Ngannou chin him, knock him spark out, but I just don’t think [that] he would.”

Fury still seems to resent Wilder’s comments about ‘The Gyspy King’ having cheated in their fights.

As many already know, Wilder wasn’t happy that Fury threw rabbit punches in the second fight without being penalized or disqualified and was arguably knocked out in the first and third contests.

Some fans believe Wilder should be 3-0 in his three fights with Fury with a different set of referees working those matches.

It’s still too early to know who Ngannou will fight next because Wilder is one of many boxing fighters vying for the opportunity to face the former UFC fighter, who will be coming into the sport with a lot of fans.

Besides Wilder, Fury also would like the opportunity to fight Ngannou, but given Tyson’s track record for negotiating big fights, it’s unlikely that he’d put together a clash against the former UFC champion.

Wilder is super famous, and the Saudis would likely jump at the chances of staging a fight between him and Ngannou in their country. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same thing about Fury fighting Ngannou. Fury might price himself out by asking for too much money from the Saudis and be stuck with nothing.

If your Ngannou, Wilder is by far the better fight than Fury because he at least will make it enjoyable. With Fury, we already know what he would do because he’s a hugger/grappler and would likely hold & lean on Ngannou all night, looking to tire him out.

That’s so boring to watch, and Ngannou wouldn’t do well against Fury’s stand-up Greco-Roman wrestling style that he uses nowadays.

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