Tyson Fury making more demands, wants Usyk to agree to No “rematch clause”

By Boxing News - 03/13/2023 - Comments

By Charles Brun: An angry-sounding Tyson Fury is making more demands of the unified IBF, WBA & WBO heavyweight champ Oleksandr Usyk, telling him today that he wants NO “rematch clause” for their April 29th fight at Wembley Stadium in London.

Fury hasn’t yet drawn in line in the sand with a deadline or a “take it or leave it” order like he’d done with Anthony Joshua and Usyk to get the 70-30 split he wanted. That’s just around the corner.

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It’s not looking promising that this fight will happen. Usyk already accepted one demand by Fury, but now he’s at it again with a second one, which is equally as bad as the previous one. If Usyk agrees to Fury’s no-rematch clause request, what’s next?

Is Fury trying to weasel out of Usyk fight?

For the boxing fans who feel Fury is in the right by demanding no rematch clause if you’re the champion with the majority of the belts, as with Usyk, it’s only natural to have a rematch clause.

Fury only brings one belt to the table for this fight, and, of course, his popularity in the UK part of the world.

Predictably, if Usyk doesn’t readily agree to obey Fury’s command of no rematch clause, he will come back with a deadline for him to accept it else he’s pulling out. It’s utterly predictable what Fury will do next if he doesn’t get his way. The sense of entitlement in this one is strong.

In what appears to be another attempt by Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) to get out of the difficult fight, which he could lose,  he’s setting another roadblock that the more accomplished Usyk would need to overcome for their fight to take place next month in April.

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Another demand by Fury

This latest demand by the kingly Fury takes the cake, making it clear that he wants no part of battling against the former cruiserweight. Usyk already agreed to the 70-30 ridiculous split, and now Fury is upping the ante, demanding that he agree to the

“Tyson Fury here; just a quick one. I’ve been speaking to the lawyers today, and Usyk’s people are talking about rematch clauses,” said Tyson Fury on Twitter. “Here’s one to up the ante. How about there is no f***king rematch clause for both of us?

“Let’s up the ante completely and not worry about what’s in the future and how many dollars you can get after you’ve been defeated. Worry about the fight. April 29th, no rematch clause.

“The winner takes the glory, and the loser goes home with his d**k in his hand. How about that? Agree to that, you f***king b***ch,” said an angry-sounding Fury.

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