Eddie Hearn snaps at Wood vs. Lara weigh-in

By Boxing News - 02/17/2023 - Comments

By Scott Gilfoid: Promoter Eddie Hearn was off the leash today, going after one of the team members of Mauricio Lara at the weigh-for his fight against WBA featherweight belt holder Leigh Wood on Saturday.

After Lara’s team member appeared to tap Wood on the back to let him know he wanted him to step on the scales, Hearn became heated, jabbing his finger at Lara’s team member, saying, “Don’t touch the fighter. Listen, don’t touch the fighter ever.  You never touch the fighter. Do you understand? Never touch the fighter. Listen, listen, you never touch the fighter.”

What was lost in the confusion was whether Lara’s team member could understand a word that Hearn was saying to him. Hearn might as well have been barking at him because, without an interpreter to translate, Lara’s team member might not have understood a word he was saying.

Lara’s team member was probably thinking, ‘What in the world is this big guy chirping at me? I wish he’d shut up already.’

Hearn sounded like a parrot by the time he finally stopped scolding Lara’s team member.  He literally said six times, “Never touch the fighter.” One could understand Hearn saying it once, but NOT six times while jabbing his finger at him.

What was interesting is Hearn didn’t lecture his own fighter Wood after he touched Lara during their posing. Wood bumped Lara’s arm while they were posing and appeared to knock him backward.

YouTube video

Hopefully, we don’t have any problems on Saturday night if Lara comes out victorious. After all, he’s on foreign soil in Nottingham, just him and a small handful of his training team that has come with him to England for his title challenge against the WBA featherweight champion Wood.

There’s going to be a horde of Wood’s fans in attendance, and there would be some hostilities going on if Lara blasts him to bits. After all, he’s going in as the visitor against the popular hometown boy.

Also, if your Lara, it would be a good idea to focus on making sure that he takes the judges out of the equation by knocking out Wood (26-2, 16 KOs).

The last time Lara was in the UK for his fight against Josh Warrington, he got what many boxing fans felt was a raw deal with him getting cut to ribbons from a nasty headbutt.