Boxing Results: Luis Nery Stops Azat Hovhannisyan in a War!

By Boxing News - 02/19/2023 - Comments

By Ken Hissner: At the Fox Theater Pomona, Pomona, California, Saturday over DAZN Oscar De La Hoya (Golden Boy Promotions) presented in the Main Event former WBC Bantam and super Bantam champ and now Silver Super Bantamweight champ and No. 5 ranked Luis “Pantera” Nery stopping Azat “Crazy A” Hovhannisyan, in a title eliminator in the eleventh round of a war as predicted by both fighters that had “fight of the year” written all over it!

In the co-main event, WBA Continental Americas Super Middleweight champ Shane Mosley, Jr. defeated Mario “Aguila” Alberto Lozano over ten solid rounds.

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In the Main Event, WBC Silver Super Bantam champ southpaw Luis “Pantera” Nery, 34-1 (26), #122, of Tijuana, Baja California, MEX, stopped Azat “Crazy A” Hovhannisyan, 21-4 (17), #121 ½, of Yerevan, ARM and L.A., CA, 12 rounds, at 1:51 of the eleventh round of a title eliminator.

In the first round halfway point, Nery slipped to the canvas. Upon getting up, he landed half a dozen unanswered punches from Hovhannisyan. In the final minute, again, Nery repeated half a dozen unanswered punches while Hovhannisan ended the round with a combination.

In the second round’s first minute, Hovhannisyan landed three short rights to the chin of Nery, backing him up several steps. In the final minute, it was Nery with a flurry of punches backing Hovhannisyan up until the last seconds when both landed punches to the bell.

In the third round, Nery opened a cut under the right eye of Hovhannisyan with a right hand. Nery out-landed him for the entire round. In the fourth round’s final thirty seconds, Nery rocked Hovhannisyan with a left on the chin. With fifteen seconds remaining, it was Hovhannisyan landing a lead right on the chin of Nery, rocking him. The action continued right to the bell.

In the fifth round, Hovhannisyan kept coming forward, walking into counterpunches from Nery. Nery had a big round, with the action growing more and more. In the sixth round, Nery opened a cut on the left eyebrow of Hovhannisyan, whose face was bloody but still fighting back though outgunned by Nery.

In the seventh and eighth rounds, the action continued with Hovhannisyan having his best rounds and possibly the first two he won. In the ninth round, it was all Hovhannisyan driving body shots as Nery stopped moving and stood his ground in the middle of the ring.

In the final half minute, the action was at the highest level having the fans cheering. In the tenth round, it was a war, with Nery dropping Hovhannisyan with a left hook to the chin with forty seconds remaining in the round, receiving an 8-count from referee Ray Corona.

In the eleventh round, Nery was getting the best of Hovhannisyan, having him against the ropes when Referee Ray Corona stepped in and stopped it.


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In the co-main event, WBA Continental Americas Super Middle champ Shane Mosley, Jr., 19-4 (10), #167½, of Pomona, CA, defeated late sub Mario “Aguila” Lozano, 33-11 (24), #165¼, of Chihuahua, MEX, over ten rounds.

In the first two rounds, it was Mosley backing up Lozano, who hasn’t fought for three years with effective jabs and following with occasional rights to the chin with little return from Lozano.

In the third round’s final thirty seconds, Mosley had Lozano in trouble with a flurry of punches. In the fourth round, Mosley used some good body shots hurting Lozano midway through the round.

Lozano had some counter shots having a better round but not enough to take it.

In the fifth and sixth rounds, final minute, things heated up with good exchanges and body shots from Mosley and counter-left hooks from Lozano.

In the seventh round’s last forty seconds, Lozano came back, driving Mosley back several steps with a flurry of punches, but Mosley was on the offense in the final seconds.

In the eighth round’s final fifteen seconds, Mosley rocked Lozano with a right to the chest and then the chin. In between rounds, Referee Jerry Cantu asked Lozano if he wanted to continue. In the ninth round, Mosley drew blood from the nose of Lozano halfway through the round.

In the tenth and final round, Lozano came out throwing bombs, knowing he needed a knockout to win backing up Mosley. In the final seconds, both were landing at the bell.

Scores were 100-90, 99-91 twice with 97-93 this writer.

Heavyweight Andrii Novytskyi, 1-0 (1), #232 ¼, of UKR, knocked out Gabriel Aguilar Costa, 1-4 (0), #204 ¼, of Sao Paulo, BRZ, Woburn, MASS, at 1:22 of the first round of a scheduled four rounds.

WBC Continental Flyweight champ Ricardo “El Nino” Sandoval, 21-2 (15), #111¾, of Rialto, CA, knocked out late sub Jerson Ortiz, 17-7 (8), #111½, of Managua, NIC, at 2:46 of the second round of a scheduled ten rounds.

In the first round, Ortiz used an effective jab to outwork Sandoval. In the second round, Sandoval landed a left uppercut to the body, and down went Ortiz to his knees, spitting out his mouthpiece, taking the full count from Referee Raul Caiz, Jr.

Super Middle late sub Rowdy Legend Montgomery, 9-4-1 (6), #167 ¼, of Victorville, CA, easily defeated Cristian “Ruso” Olivas, 22-9 (19), #167 ½, of Tijuana, MEX, over eight rounds.

In the second round, Olivas countered Montgomery halfway through the round to the chin. In the third and fourth rounds, Montgomery used a good jab, followed by rights to the chin of Olivas throughout the round.

In the fifth round, Montgomery landed a right hand to the chin of Olivas throughout the round with little return. In the sixth round, with his hands to his side Montgomery halfway through the round rocked Olivas with a right on the chin.

Olivas has only been stopped once in his career and is taking a beating. In the eighth and final round, Montgomery continued using Olivas as a punching bag taking all but one round. The referee was Ray Corona, who had an easy night with few clinches.

The scores were 80-72 and 79-73 twice, as did this writer.

Former Nat’l GG champ Super Feather southpaw Asa “Ace” Stevens, 4-0 (2), #127, of Waianae, HI, stopped Jenn “El Finito” Gonzalez, 9-17-1 (5), #129 ¼, of Santa Tereza, NIC, end of the second round of a scheduled 4.

The ring announcer was Jerimiah Gonzalez