Robert Garcia says Gervonta Davis could be knocked out by Ryan Garcia

By Boxing News - 01/16/2023 - Comments

By Craig Daly: Trainer Robert Garcia says Gervonta ‘Tank Davis could be in trouble if he starts slowly against Ryan Garcia like he normally does.

Robert states that Tank’s habit of starting slowly in his fights will result in Ryan (23-0, 19 KOs) nailing him with his blazing-fast check hook that is impossible to see coming.

The fight is a “50-50” one in Robert’s eyes, but he feels Ryan will land something big at some point that may hurt Tank.

Tank (28-0, 26 KOs) hasn’t faced a puncher like the 24-year-old Ryan before and could implode after getting caught on the button while fighting in first gear in the early going.

If Ryan catches Tank clearly with one of his left hooks, he could be too hurt to recover in time before the contest is halted.

“It is a 50-50 fight, and you can’t pick a winner because anything can happen,” said Robert Garcia to Fight Hub TV about the Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis fight.

“Everybody looks at the performance from the last fight. If I see Tank going into the ring with the same attitude, the same mentality, the same distractions into a fight with Ryan, and he’s taking it easy the first few rounds and let him get away with a few rounds, he’s in trouble. He’s in trouble against Ryan.

“He cannot do that against Ryan,” Robert Garcia continued. “I think Ryan is too fast, too strong, and he’ll be in trouble. Like I said, everybody always goes by the last performance. So if he’s to fight and give away rounds like he did to [Hector Luis] Garcia, I think he’s in trouble,” said Robert.

Tank doesn’t seem capable of changing the way he starts slowly in his fights because he’s been doing this his entire career. He’s one of those fights that downloads information early in his fights, studying his opponents for four to six rounds before looking to lower the boom on them.

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“I really believe Ryan will catch him. He will catch him, especially with him [Gervonta] being a lefty and stepping in with his jab or straight left,” said Robert Garcia. “He’s going to have to be reaching in because Ryan is the taller guy, and that check hook that Ryan has is so fast that people don’t even see it.”

It’s obvious that Ryan will catch Tank with one of his massive left hooks. The only question is will Tank take the punch without getting knocked out or badly hurt?

“Tank is also so smart, so technical in the ring where he’s patient where it could be the opposite or the other way around too,” said Robert. “One punch from Tank could finish the fight. We’ve all seen Ryan get dropped already, and that’s also going to be the question.

“How much can Ryan take from Tank? I think the fight will end by knockout, either way. Ryan could knock Tank out just as easily as Tank knocks Ryan out. It’s such a good fight.

“I’m just hoping it does happen. There are always injuries and stuff that goes on in training camp that people don’t know and don’t see. I hope this fight happens because it’s going to be a really good fight.

“I hope we don’t see ring rust in Ryan because he hasn’t fought. That’s the only question. Tank came out clean. I’m sure he didn’t have any injuries in the fight. He didn’t get hit hard to the point where he was stunned or hurt. So he’s fresh.

“Hopefully, he didn’t hurt his hands. In the end, Tank is the one that took the chance to fight and get that ring rust out. So that might favor him,” said Robert Garcia.