Boxing Results: Sukhdeep “Chakria” Singh Defeats Xhuljo Vrenozi!

By Boxing News - 09/10/2022 - Comments

By Ken Hissner: At the CAA Centre, Brampton, Canada, Saturday over DAZN (The Zone) Tyler Buxton and Don MacDonald (United Boxing Promotions) presented in the Main Event Canadian Middleweight champion Sukhdeep “Chakria” Singh dropped to super welter easily defeating Italy’s Xhuljo Vrenozi over ten rounds.

In the Main Event, Canadian Middleweight champ Sukhdeep “Chakria” Singh, 13-0 (5), #152.6, from India and now out of Ajax, Ontario, CAN, easily defeated Xhuljo “The Albanian Storm” Vrenozi, 18-5 (3), #152.8, of Albania and Placenza, IT, over ten rounds for the vacant WBA International championship.

In the first round, Singh controlled the action mostly with an effective jab. In the final seconds switching to southpaw, Singh rocked Vrenozi with a left on the chin.

In the second round, Singh continued stalking Vrenozi using a good jab with occasional rights to the good chin Vrenozi showed. With thirty seconds to go, it was Vrenozi landing a solid right to the chin of Singh, whose left hand continued being low, leaving an opening for that right hand.

In the third round, it was Vrenozi being the aggressor, landing occasional rights to the chin of Singh. By the end of the round, it was Singh landing counter rights causing swelling under the right eye of Vrenozi.

In the fourth round, it was Singh doing the chasing, scoring well on occasions coming down from middleweight for the first time. In the fifth round, Singh continued to control the action. In the sixth round Singh hurt Vrenozi with a right a minute into the round with a right to the chin, making the latter get on the run the remaining part of the round.

In the seventh round, Singh came out southpaw for the first minute before returning to orthodox, with Vrenzi doing the same throughout, trying to mount an attack. In the ninth round, by the end, Vrenzi seemed exhausted holding Singh.

In the tenth and final round, Vrenzi was in survival mode, moving around the ring with little offense. Singh tried to encourage him to stand still but to no avail from Vrenzi. It was an easy victory for Singh in the end. The referee was Donovan Boucher, who had an easy night.
Scores were 100-90 and 99-91 twice, as did this writer.

In the opening bout, Salar Gholami, 6-0 (3), #199.8, born in Tehran, Iran, living in Toronto, CAN, stopped the former Canadian Cruiser champ Sylvera “Sly” Louis, 8-8 (4), #198.8, of Montreal, CAN, at 2:29 of the third round of a scheduled eight rounds, for vacant Cruiserweight championship.

In the second round, Gholami twice landed half a dozen punches without return. Overall there were too many clinches by both boxers.
In the first minute in the third round, a right from Gholami on the chin and down went Louis for an 8-count from Referee Mark Simmons. In the final minute of the round, Gholami again landed a right on the chin, dropping Louis for an 8-count from referee Simmons. Gholami jumped all over Louis landing unanswered punches forcing referee Simmons to call a halt.

2020 Olympic Bronze Medalist Heavyweight Ricardo “Big 12” Brown, 5-0 (5), #251, of Spanish Town, Jamaica, stopped Mexican champion southpaw Carlos “Papi” Carreon, 8-9 (2), #272.4, of Guadalajara, MEX, at 0:11 of the third round of a scheduled eight rounds.

In the first round, 6:07 ½, Brown landed numerous rights to the chin of 5:05 Carreon while having him mostly in the corner. Carreon showed a lot of heart-fighting back.

In the second round, Brown landed a low blow causing Referee Mark Simmons to give Carreon a rest. It was all Brown the rest of the round.
In the third round, Brown rushed out, landing a vicious right uppercut to the chin of Carreon, who went down face first and out without a count from referee Simmons.

Light Heavy Shakeel “The Jamaican Juggernaut” Phinn, 23-3-1 (16), #175, of Montreal, Quebec, CAN, stopped Josue “Chino” Castaneda Perez, 14-16-3 (5), #173, of Durango, MEX, at 0:53 of the seventh round of a scheduled eight rounds.

In the first two rounds, Perez outworked Phinn. In the third round, due to a clash of heads, Perez was cut on the right eyebrow. In the final seconds of the round, Phinn had Perez against the ropes with a flurry of punches.

In the fourth and fifth rounds, Phinn had Perez against the ropes for most of the round. In the seventh round, Phinn dropped Perez with a right on the chin for an 8-count from referee Donovan Boucher. Phinn went right after Perez, landing punches when the towel was thrown in by the corner of Perez, calling a halt.

In the co-main event, Middle Brandon “Bad Boy” Cook, 23-2 (16), #159.2, of Ajax, Ontario, CAN, stopped former WBO Euro Super Welter champion Stepan Horvath, 21-6 (11), #159, of Prague, Czech Republic, at 1:51 of round two of a scheduled eight rounds after scoring a pair of knockdowns.

In the second round, Cook dropped Horvath with a right on the chin for an 8-count from Referee Floyd Porter early in the round. At the halfway point, Horvath landed a right on the chin buckling the knees of Cook. Seconds later, a right from Cook on the chin dropped Horvath again for another 8-count from referee Porter. Upon rising Horvath was asked to raise his hands but stood there hands to his side, causing referee Porter to wave the fight off.

Light Heavy late sub Drake Olchowecki, 0-2 (0), #175, of Ontario, CAN, was stopped by southpaw Gregory Miller, 1-4 (1), #172.6, of Kingston, Jamaica, at 0:47 of the third round of a scheduled four rounds.

In the first two rounds, Olchowecki couldn’t cut off the ring with Miller going backward, putting out a jab that rarely landed. In the third round, Miller landed a left on the chin driving Olchowecki into and almost through the ropes causing Referee Floyd Porter to give him an 8-count. Miller jumped all over Olchowecki, landing unanswered punches causing referee Porter to call a halt giving 40-year-old Miller his first win.