Boxing Results: Jose Pedraza & Richard Commey Draw!

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By Ken Hissner: At the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tulsa, OK, Saturday over ESPN+ and ESPN Bob Arum (Top Rank) presented in the Main Event former IBF Super Featherweight and WBO Lightweight world champion Jose “Sniper” Pedraza fought to a split draw against former IBF Lightweight champion Richard “RC” Commey in a Super Lightweight match over 10 rounds.

In the Main Event Super Lightweights former IBF Super Feather and WBO Light champ Jose “Sniper” Pedraza, 29-4-1 (14), #139.8, of Cidra, PR, drew with former IBF Light champ Richard “RC” Commey, 30-4-1 (27), #138.8, of Accra, GH, Bronx, NY, 10 rounds.

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In the first round it was Commey for the most part in the first two minutes with an effective jab pressing forward against Pedraza who finished better in the last minute of the round. In the second round Commey came out firing hurting Pedraza a minute into the round with rights on the chin. Pedraza turned southpaw trying to slow down the offensive attack of Commey.

In the third round Pedraza came off the ropes getting the better of the two. Seconds later it was Commey landing a right on the chin getting Pedraza’s attention. In the final minute Commey drew blood from the nose of Pedraza and causing swelling under his left eye. In the fourth round Commey continued dominating the fight having Pedraza on the defense and still fighting southpaw.

In the fifth round Commey continued out landing Pedraza having him backing up with little offense in return and when he does it’s to the body. With both fighters coming off losses it seems Commey is possessed to win this fight. In the sixth round a clash of heads caused a cut on the left eye of Commey though the commission at ringside claimed he was cut before the clash of heads after viewing after the round. It seemed to spur Pedraza on as Commey kept wiping away the blood going into his eye.

In the seventh round Pedraza was having his best round with rights to the body of Commey who still seems tentative due to the cut. In the eighth round Pedraza continued going to the body backing up Commey.

In the ninth rounds halfway point Pedraza hurt Commey with a flurry of punches especially left uppercuts to the body of Commey. By the end of the round Commey seemed exhausted. In the tenth and final round Pedraza continued out landing Commey until the final thirty seconds when it was Commey landing rights to the chin of Pedraza getting the best of it. Referee was Gerald Ritter.

Scores were 97-93 Pedraza, 96-94 Commey and 95-95 a draw as did this writer score it.

Another half hour or more wait until the Main Event came on starting at midnight eastern time.

In the co-feature Heavyweight Jared “The Real Big Baby” Anderson, 12-0 (12), #241.4, of Toledo, OH, impressed in knocking out Miljan Rovcanin, 24-3 (16), #230.6, of Belgrade, Serbia, at 3:00 of round number two of a scheduled 10 rounds.

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In the first round Anderson usually orthodox came out southpaw having his way in the first round with an effective jab. In the second round Anderson hit Rovcanin during a break knocking out the mouthpiece of Rovcanin causing a warning from Referee Mark Nelson.

In the final seconds, Anderson landed a pair of lefts and a chopping right on the chin knocking out Rovcanin as Referee Nelson counted him out.

Anderson’s ring walk had him in chains on hands and ankles in respect to his brother who is in prison. Torrez in the previous fight tonight had defeated Anderson in the amateurs in 2017.

Heavyweight 2016 Olympian Efe “The Silent Brawler” Ajagba, 16-1 (13), #232.2, of Ughelli, NIG, and Stafford, TX, stopped Jozsef “The Gladiator” Darmos, 14-5-3 (10), #239.2, of Gyor, HUN, at 1:15 of round two of a scheduled 8 rounds after a pair of knockdowns.

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In the second round a 3-punch combination ending with a right to the body from Ajagba dropped Darmos for an 8-count from Referee Gary Ritter. In the final minute again Ajagba dropped Darmos with a right on the side of the head dropping him causing referee Ritter to cal a halt.

Heavyweight Jeremiah “DreamLand” Milton, 6-0 (5), #245.5, of Tulsa, OK, knocked out Nick Jones, 9-5 (6), #217.2, of Jackson, MS, at 2:49 of round two of a scheduled 6 rounds.

In the second round a Jones missed a wild right and was countered by a right on the temple from Milton on the chin and down went Jones for the count from Referee Mark Nelson who stopped at six then waved it off.

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Heavyweight southpaw Olympic Silver Medalist Richard Torrez, Jr., 3-0 (3), #225.4, of Tulare, CA, impressed in knocking out Marco Antonio Canedo, 4-3 (2), #215.8, of Michoacan, MEX, at 0:44 of the first round of a scheduled 6 rounds.

In the first round after twenty seconds a left from Torrez on the chin and again while down went Canedo for an 8-count from Referee Gerald Ritter. Seconds later Torrez was all over Canedo knocking him down and out with a 3-punch combination causing Referee Ritter immediately waving it off. Torrez out of respect wasn’t jumping on the ropes but sitting by on a knee while Canedo was being assisted by ring physicians.

Due to Johnson jumping on the ropes after his win the ropes gave way causing a half hour delay before the next fight between Torrez and Canedo.

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Super Lightweight Olympian Delante “Tiger” Johnson, 5-0 (4), #141.8, of Cleveland, OH, impressed in stopping game Harry “The Hitman” Gigliotti, 8-4 (3), #140.5, of Lowell, MASS, at 2:17 of the fifth round of a scheduled 6 rounds.

In the first round Johnson used his hand speed while Gigliotti kept coming at him. With thirty seconds remaining in the round a left hook from Johnson on the chin knocked Gigliotti back several steps. In the second rounds final minute a right from Johnson drew blood from the nose of Gigliotti. A little later a right caused a small cut under the left eye of Gigliotti.

In the third round Johnson continued out landing a game Gigliotti causing swelling under his eyes along with the nose bleeding. In the fourth round Johnson who had predicted to be the first to stop Gigliotti was having his way having Gigliotti in trouble several times with the latter looking to survive and also cut under the right eye on the cheek.

In the fifth round a flurry of punches from Johnson caused Gigliotti to turn away with Johnson landing three lefts to the head before Referee Mark Nelson wisely called a halt.

Due to TV time it was close to an hour before this fight with the next going over to ESPN from ESPN+.

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Welterweight southpaw Kelvin “Nite Nite” Davis, 6-0 (4), #141, of Norfolk, VA, defeated southpaw Sebastian Gabriel Chaves, 5-5 (2), #142.6, of General Belgrano, Bueno Aires, ARG, over 6 rounds scoring a knockdown.

In the first round the taller Davis used his reach as Chaves usually forced the fight getting countered. In the second round a left uppercut followed by a right hook from Davis on the chin and down went Chaves for an 8-count from Referee Gary Ritter in the first minute of the round. The rest of the round Chaves was able to get through it losing it big.

In the third round Davis had a good round using his jab against the always coming forward Chaves. In the fourth round Chaves landed a looping left on the chin of Davis. In the final minute Davis landed a pair of lefts to the chin dropping Chaves for an 8-count from Referee Ritter.

In the fifth round Davis continued out landing Chaves using his reach though Chaves showed a lot of heart. In the sixth and final round it was Davis chasing Chaves until the final minute when the action slowed down.

Scores were 60-52 by all judges and this writer.

Lightweight Frevian “Pequeno” Gonzalez, 6-1 (1), #135.8, of Cidra, PR, defeated Gerardo Esquivel, 3-3-1 (1), #135.6, of Tacoma, WA, in 6 action rounds.

In the first round Gonzalez hit Esquivel behind the head to the canvas while Referee Gerald Ritter called it a knockdown for some reason which was reversed at the end of the round reviewing it. Gonzalez turned southpaw after the knockdown ruling in an action packed round. In the second round the action went back and forth when Gonzalez wrestled both to the canvas without Referee Ritter warning him.

In the third and fourth rounds Gonzalez continued switching from orthodox to southpaw. He got away with holding without warning by referee Ritter though his hand speed kept him ahead in the fight. He landed a low punch that Gonzalez complained about to no avail from referee Ritter.

the fifth round referee Ritter finally warned Gonzalez for holding warning him it’s the last time. It was a good round for Esquivel. In the sixth and final round referee Ritter finally took a point from Gonzales who would come in low and grab Esquivel for holding. He came back hurting Esquivel with a right and had him in trouble for half the round until the final thirty seconds.

Scores 58-55, 59-54 twice with this writer 57-55.

Light Heavyweight Dante Benjamin, Jr., 4-0 (2), #174.2, of Cleveland, OH, defeated southpaw Leandro “Buscape” Silva, 3-7 (2), #175, of Sao Paulo, BRZ, and Woburn, MASS, over 4 rounds.

In the first three rounds Benjamin outworked Silva. In the fourth and final round in the final minute Benjamin had the nose of Silva bleeding. In the final twenty seconds Benjamin started showboating with hands behind his back as if he was Roy Jones, Jr.

Scores were 40-36 by all judges and this writer.

Lightweight southpaw Abdullah Mason, 4-0 (3), #135.2, of Cleveland, OH, defeated Angel Rebollar, 5-1 (3), #133.6, of L.A., CA, over 4 action packed rounds.

In the first round’s first twenty seconds southpaw Mason hit Rebollar behind the head and pushed him behind the canvas while Referee Mark Nelson for some reason called it a knockdown. The rest of the round was full of action. In the second round Rebollar had a bloody nose as the action continued with Mason having a slight edge.

In the third round Rebollar continued to force the action in another close one. In the fourth and final round the mouthpiece of Rebollar was knocked out for the second time by Mason. Both fighters were bleeding from the nose at the end of an action packed fight. Scores were 39-36 and 40-35 twice with this writer 39-36.

Ring Announcer Mark Shunock.