Anthony Joshua “must smash that body to pieces” says Eddie Hearn about Usyk

By Jim Calfa: Eddie Hearn says he wants Anthony Joshua to take Oleksandr Usyk “to hell” on Saturday night and “smash” his body to smithereens when the two get in the ring at the Jeddah Superdome in Saudi Arabia.

Hearn wants Joshua to get back on the winning track against Usyk, but it’s going to be a tough ask for AJ. He struggled last time he fought Usyk, and I don’t think he was ready for that type of fighter.

Joshua (24-2, 22 KOs) is feeling burned out from all the criticism he’s received during the build-up. It’s gotten to him with how many boxing fans believe he’s going to be beaten into retirement by Usyk. It’s kind of hard to ignore when it’s coming from so many fans.

“I feel like I’m done talking in general because people pick apart everything you say these days. What’s the point of saying anything,” said Anthony Joshua to iFL TV. ”

“You live your life and do whatever. That’s why I can’t be bothered sometimes. Everyone picks apart what you say, but it is what it is. That goes to my last point.

“People speculate and paint a picture up, gets everyone talking,” said Joshua about how fans had assumed Usyk would come in much heavier than 221 lbs.

“I’m confident, I believe in myself, and I’m strong here [mentally]. That’s all. It’ll be a good fight. He’s a talented fighter, and I’m a talented fighter as well,” said Joshua.

“There’s been a lot less focus on the belts this time around,” said Eddie Hearn to iFL TV. “He’s [Joshua] just focused in his mind on winning, and that’s what sports is about. He just wants to win.

“He’s just focused on winning, and that’s it. He’s in a place to go and have a tear-up tomorrow night. To fight with ferocity and almost with desperation if need be.

“I expected him [Usyk] to come in heavier. He’s 23 lbs heavier than Usyk. I told AJ, you’ve got to take this guy to hell. Look at him. You’ve got to smash that body to pieces, and he will go for it tomorrow night. It’s going to be really nerve-wracking,” said Hearn.