Jermall Charlo says De La Hoya can “kiss my a**”

By Robert Segal: Jermall Charlo gave a solid rebuttal to Golden Boy Promotion CEO Oscar De La Hoya’s request for a fight against Jaime Munguia by telling him to kiss his backside.

A VERY happy-looking, glazed-eyed WBC middleweight champion Jermall (32-0, 22 KOs), made it clear to his followers on social media what his thoughts are about De La Hoya’s urging to face the unbeaten #2 WBC Munguia (39-0, 31 KOs) next.

The way Charlo looked during his session on social media on Friday, you got to wonder whether he’s living the life of a boxer or lost his hunger for the sport after making millions.

Sometimes when a fighter makes a mountain of money in a short period, they buy big houses and expensive cars and enjoy themselves with lots of rich foods & the finest drinks. Unfortunately, that’s usually the beginning of the end for the fighters regarding their career success.

Tell Oscar De La Hoya to kiss my a**,” said Jermall on social media, replying to De La Hoya after challenging him to face his fighter, Munguia.

It’s unknown why Charlo, 32, is less than eager to agree to face Munguia other than perhaps it is too big of a risk for him to take.

Until suffering a back injury last week, Jermall had been scheduled to face #5 WBC Maciej Sulecki on June 18th.

Charlo has been skewered by the boxing public ever since the announcement was made for him to fight the 33-year-old Sulecki (30-2, 11 KOs), considering he’d already been beaten recently by Demetrius Andrade and Danny Jacobs.

Sulecki is a lateral move from Charlo’s recent lower-level opponents, Juan Macias Montiel and Dennis Hogan.

Jermall’s reluctance to fight Munguia could be a sign that he doesn’t want to take any risks to potentially mess up a big-money fight against Canelo Alvarez in 2023.

The way Jermall labored to beat a very average Juan Macias Montiel last year in June showed that he’d lost too much from his game for him to be counted on to defeat a fighter like Munguia.

De La Hoya blasts Jermall

“I’m hoping Charlo grows some balls and tells his management, tells his people, ‘I want to fight Jaime Munguia,'” said De La Hoya this week to the media.

“I want to fight the very best. I don’t want to fight [Maciej] Sulecki. I don’t want to fight this other guy or that guy. No, let’s make Munguia vs. Charlo, and that’s if Munguia gets past Kelly.

“These are the fights we have to make. These are the fights that boxing needs, that the fans deserve, and we’re going to do whatever it takes.

“I’m never going to exclude my TV partner from any time of negotiation. There’s always room for negotiation. Meet us halfway.

“We can walk across the street, we can meet halfway in the middle of the street, whatever you want, but we want that fight.

“There’s no more protection, he’s ready for anybody,” said De La Hoya when asked if Munguia is no longer being protected by him.

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