Boxing Results: Danny “Miracle Man” Jacobs Loses Disputed Decision to John Ryder in UK!

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By Ken Hissner: At the Alexandra Palace, Muswell Hill, London, UK, Saturday over DAZN promoter Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing) presented in the Main Event former WBA and IBF Middleweight champ now No. 8 IBF ranked Danny “Miracle Man” Jacobs, of New York losing a highly disputed decision to former WBA interim Super Middleweight champ and now WBA No. 4 ranked John “The Gorilla” Ryder, of London, UK, in a very dull fight.

In the Main Event former WBA and IBF Middle champ “The Miracle Man” Daniel Jacobs, NY, 37-4 (30), #166.9, of Brooklyn, NY, lost to former WBA interim Super Middle champ southpaw John “The Gorilla” Ryder, 31-5 (17), #167, of Islington, London, UK, over 12 dull rounds.

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In the first round, there was little contact. Jacobs landed a right to the mid-section with a minute remaining the best from him. In the second and third rounds, the only difference was Jacobs occasionally turning southpaw. In the fourth round, referee Steve Gray continues to be too slow to break the fighters up from so many clinches. The “Gorilla” is more like a pussycat, and Jacobs, outside of a jab, isn’t doing much but winning each round.

In the fifth round little action until the final twenty seconds when Jacobs landed a solid right uppercut to the chin of Ryder. In the sixth round, after half a minute, Ryder finally landed an overhand left, putting Jacobs into the ropes before clinching. He also landed a solid left in the final thirty seconds. In the seventh round, final thirty seconds, Ryder rallied with a flurry.

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In the eighth round again, it wasn’t until the last thirty seconds when Ryder opened up with a flurry to take another round. In the ninth round, the format continues the same until the final minute with Ryder swarming Jacobs. In the tenth round, Jacobs turned southpaw and moving using a good jab as Ryder followed him around the ring.

In the eleventh round, it was close, with Jacobs outworking Ryder. In the twelfth and final round Ryder looked exhausted as Jacobs did enough to win another round and the fight.

Scores were Marcus McDonnell 15-113 for Jacobs, Mike Fitzgerald, and Jean Robert-Laine 115-113 and 115-113 Ryder. This writer had it 116-112 Jacobs. I don’t know what title this elimination was for but let’s hope it’s not with Canelo.

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In co-feature Commonwealth Middle champ Felix Cash, 15-0 (10), #159.6, of Wokingham, Berkshire, UK, overcame a pair of knockdowns to defeat the WBC Int’l Silver Middle champ Magomed “Warrior” Madiev, 15-0-2 (4), #159.1, of Machachkala, Russia, for the vacant WBC International title, over ten rounds.

In the first round returning after ten months, Cash looked sharp using an effective jab followed by rights to the chin of Madiev, who only answered with some left hooks.

In the second round, after a minute, Madiev landed a left hook on the chin and down went Cash for flash knockdown and an 8-count from Referee Mark Lyson. Cash was able to tie up Madiev until the final twenty seconds when Cash had his head clear, controlling the action to the bell.

In the third round, Cash controlled with his jab up into the final minute when both had flurries at the same time. Seconds later, Madiev landed a solid overhand right on the chin of Cash.

In the fourth through the seventh rounds, Cash continued outworking Madiev, taking another two rounds though receiving a bloody nose in the early part of the sixth. Going into the fight, it was Madiev who said he would “school Cash,” but it was Cash who, through six rounds except for the first, had done the schooling. In the eighth round, Cash continues showing angles and good footwork to stay in front of Madiev before landing his arsenal.

In the ninth round, Cash lined up his right hand with his solid left to the chin of Madiev. Madiev kept coming forward but with no answer to Cash’s jab. In the tenth and final round, Madiev came roaring out, landing a right twenty seconds into the round and down went Cash with a cut on his left eyebrow and an 8-count. Cash held on for his head to clear when referee Mark Lyson took away a point from Cash for holding. In the final seconds, Cash started returning punches before ending it in a clinch.

Scores were 95-92 by two scores, as was this writer’s, and 94-93.

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Ellie Scotney, 4-0 (0), #121.2, of Catford, London, UK, defeated Jorgelina “Jota” Guanini, 9-3-2 (1), #119.6, of Necochea, Bueno Aires, ARG, over 10×2 min action rounds for the vacant WBA Intercontinental Super Bantamweight title.

In the first round, Guanini came out attacking Scotney for most of the round with an occasional return jab or two from Scotney. In the second round, it was more of the same, with Guanini attacking. Scotney had to set up in order to deliver her effective punches. In the final thirty seconds, Scotney had Suanini on the defense with a flurry of punches, especially a left hook to the bell. In the third round, Scotney had an edge up until the final thirty seconds when she used her left forearm pushing Suanini halfway through the ropes receiving a warning from referee Steve Gray. In the fourth round, Suanini landed a left hook to the chin of Scotney when they clashed heads, causing a cut on the left eyebrow of Scotney,

In the fifth round, Scotney landed several lead rights on the chin of Suanini with little effect. Scotney showed good balance escaping most of Suanini’s overhand rights.

In the sixth round, Scotney had her best round pinpointing her punches against Suanini, which continued in the seventh round. In the eighth round, Suanini used an effective body attack to take the next round nine. In the tenth and final round, referee Steve Gray penalized Scotney for holding a point in a close round.

Scores were 96-94 and 95-94, as did this writer.

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2018 Youth Olympic champion southpaw Hopey “Drago” Price, 7-0 (3), #125, of Leeds, Yorkshire, UK, stopped Ricardo “Bam Bam” Roman, 14-13-3 (5), #124.6, of Gomez, Palacio, Durango, MEX, at 1:09 of an 8.

In the first and fourth rounds, Price scored knockdowns.

Middleweight southpaw Austin “Ammo” Williams, 10-0 (8), #161.4, of Houston, TX, stopped Javier “La Bestia” Maciel, 33-16 (23), #166.3, of Don Torcuato, Bueno Aires, ARG, at 1:02 of the sixth of an 8.

In the first round, just past the halfway point, Williams, from orthodox though a southpaw, landed a left hook on the chin driving Maciel into the ropes and down for an 8-count. Maciel managed to get through the rest of the round. In the second round through the fourth rounds, Williams used Maciel for punching bag showboating in the third.

In the fifth round, Maciel finally landed a couple of lead rights to the chin of Williams that had little effect.

Williams continued winning the round. In the sixth round, a left to mid-section from Williams dropped Maciel for 8-count. Just seconds later, a left to the chin from Williams and down went Maciel for another 8-count. Upon rising, Williams had Maciel against the ropes defenseless with the ref Marcus McDonnell finally called a halt to the fight.

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Popular Heavyweight 22-year-old Johnny “The Romford Bull” Fisher, 5-0 (4), #237, of Romford, Essex, UK, defeated former Spanish champ Gabriel El Enguema, 10-12 (6), #231, of Madrid, Spain, over six rounds.

In the first round, Fisher controlled halfway through the round until a clash of heads caused a cut on Fisher’s left eyebrow, causing blood to flow down the side of his face. With a minute remaining in the round, Fisher landed a solid right, almost dropping Egnuema. In the second round, both unloaded with Fisher, the busier of the two with the cut opening again.

In the third and fourth rounds, the cut didn’t open while Fisher continued to outwork Egnueman though missing half of his wild swinging rights.

A minute in the fifth round, Egnueman landed a right, and a second later, Fisher spit out his mouthpiece. He controlled the round. In the sixth and final round, Fisher continued holding out his jab, not snapping it out, while Egnueman had little offense throughout. He won the vacant Spanish title in 2019 but never defended it. Fisher went the distance for the first time in his five fights, winning all six rounds.

Referee Mark Bates scored it 59-55.

Welterweight southpaw Cyrus Pattinson, 3-0 (1), #150.2, of Ashington, UK, defeated Evgenii Vazem, 9-22 (4), #150.9, of Stary Oskol, RUS, over six rounds.

Ref Marcus McDonnell scored 60-54

Welterweight Shiloh ‘Sugar Shy’ Defreitas, 3-0 (2), #143.6, of London, the UK defeated, Alexey Tukhtarpv, 4-24-6 (3), #143.4, of Kamensk-Uralsky, RUS, six rounds.

Ref Mark Bates scored 60-54.

Ring announcer Joe Martinez.

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