Teofimo Lopez reveals he’s injured for Kambosos fight, and he’ll be in Creed III movie

By Jeff Aronow: Teofimo Lopez says he will be in the movie Creed III next year when it’s released in November 2022. The undefeated lightweight champion Teofimo (16-0, 12 KOs) says he’s “hustling” when not inside the ring, making moves with his life.

In another bombshell, the 24-year-old Teofimo reveals that he’s INJURED for his title defense this Saturday night against George Kambosos Jr. (19-0, 10 KOs) at Madison Square Garden in New York. Teofimo is bragging about being injured, and someone needs to tell clam up because he’s going to spoil his fight.

Although Teofimo isn’t saying what his injury is, it’s believed that he has an injured bicep because he reportedly worked out with a wrap around it.

Teofimo’s injury isn’t bad enough for him to be pulled out of the fight, but it’s disturbing, especially for the bettors that are putting into the contest.

If Teofimo is injured, we might have a more protracted duration fight. Hopefully, the injury doesn’t result in Teofimo quitting or being pulled out between rounds at some point on Saturday night.

You can imagine there will be a lot of finger-pointing at Teofimo, his team, and the event’s promoters in the aftermath of the fight. Fans will be furious that Teofimo was permitted to fight with a preexisting injury.

“Even when it’s not in my sport, I’m perfecting my craft, and I’m also grinding and hustling to make other moves. Creed III coming out, I’ll be in it,” said Teofimo Lopez to Fight Hub TV.

Image: Teofimo Lopez reveals he's injured for Kambosos fight, and he'll be in Creed III movie

“It’s because of the hard work that I’ve been putting into it. If I want more, I have to do more. That’s the mentality that I have,” said Teofimo.

It’s a good thing Teofimo has been given a part in the Creed III movie, but he shouldn’t let this get to his head.

If Teofimo loses before the movie comes out next year, it might take some of the shine away from him getting a part in the picture. It might be Teofimo’s last movie if he gets beaten by Kambosos and his career deteriorates.

“I fought Lomachenko hurt. I had a tear in my wrist, and I had a complete torn ligament in my right foot, fighting the best fighter in the world at the time,” said Teofimo.

“No fans, no audience, quiet as hell. What else can you do? We all go into fights hurt. I’m going into this fight hurt too, but it’s part of the game, and it comes with it.

“That’s what separates the greats from the legends,” said Teofimo. “I’m over here fighting this dude injured as well, but the mindset is different,” said Teofimo sounding proud about his injury.

If you’re promoter Eddie Hearn, you got to be a little bit apprehensive at hearing Teofimo bragging about being injured, as if it’s a badge of honor.