John Fury tells Dillian Whyte: “Blow smoke up’ Tyson’s backside to get title shot

By Boxing News - 11/10/2021 - Comments

By Charles Brun: John Fury recommends that Dillian Whyte start saying “nice things” about his son Tyson Fury if he wants a chance to fight for his WBC heavyweight title.

John says Whyte (28-2, 19 KOs) needs to start praising Fury (31-0-1, 22 KOs) if he wants to share the ring with the unbeaten champion. However, Fury will be FORCED to defend against Whyte, 33, soon if he wants to hold onto his WBC strap.

The only way Fury can swerve the dangerous Whyte fight is for him to vacate his WBC strap or ask them to make him their Franchise champion.

Fury risking everything against Whyte

As of now, it doesn’t appear Fury will do either of those things, which means he’ll be risking his massive $100 million payday against the Oleksandr Usyk vs. Anthony Joshua 2 rematch winner by defending against Whyte/

The World Boxing Council will likely be ordering Fury to defend against Whyte when they meet for their convention next week on November 14th.

It’s assumed the WBC will order Fury during the convention to defend against Whyte, who holds the interim heavyweight title with their organization.

If Fury chooses to ignore the WBC’s orders to defend against Whyte, they’ll likely strip him of his title and give the belt to Dillian. Once the WBC orders Fury to fight Whyte, he’ll need to decide whether it’s worth it to take the risk because it will be risky for him.

The way the 277-lb Fury looked in his title defense against Deontay Wilder last month on October 9th, Whyte has a real chance of beating him. Fury’s stamina was nowhere, and he spent most of the contest mauling Wilder in what looked like a Greco-roman wrestling match.

Fury looked like he aged ten years from his previous fight against Wilder in February 2020, and he didn’t resemble the same fighter he’d been a year and a half ago.

That version of Fury would have nothing to fear from a slugger like Whyte, but not the old decrepit Tyson we saw in his last fight with Deontay last October.

Fury looked like a 40-year-old against Wilder, and the skills we’d seen from him in his previous fights were GONE. In place of those skills were an ugly mauling heavyweight, who looked unskilled.

If this is what Fury’s trainer SugarHill Steward has turned him into, he needs to be given the boot pronto because that will not work against Whyte. He does well against those types of limited fighters.

John explains why Dillian’s not fighting Wallin

“None of those men will even fight Wilder. Usyk won’t fight Wilder because he’s too dangerous,” said John Fury to iFL TV. “Joshua definitely will not go down that road. Dillian Whyte pulled out of Otto Wallin [fight]. Do you know why?

Image: John Fury tells Dillian Whyte: "Blow smoke up' Tyson's backside to get title shot

“He listened to what I said. He thought, ‘Hang on a minute. John [Fury] knows his stuff. I’m not going to fight Wallin. I’m going to get turned over probably, and I’m not going to get my title shot then.’

“It takes them to listen to my videos, and he [Whyte] thinks to himself because it’s all off. When he heard me talk about Wallin because Wallin is a danger to anybody. Of course, he is. He thought, ‘I’m not having that smoke. I’ll wait.’

“Well, I don’t know what he’s [Whyte] going to do with Tyson. If [Alexander] Povetkin chinned him, and on the second time he come back in the Povetkin fight when he fought Dillian Whyte again, he just rolled up for the money, Povetkin.

“He didn’t look like he was a threat to anybody, did he? He looked like an older man overnight, Povetkin. Tyson is in a different league than these heavyweights,” said John.

What John says about Whyte does sound believable because he would have been up against it in taking on the 6’6″ Otto Wallin, and he likely would have been beaten.

Wallin is fighting at a higher level than Whyte and Tyson Fury at this point, and it would have likely ended badly for Dillian if he’d taken that match.

Whyte must blow smoke up Fury’s rear pipe

“If you want to get a payday, be nice to him,” said John on what Dillian must do to get his mandated title shot. “Say nice things about him, and he might just give you a payday.

“But if you keep being horrible to him and big yourself to make a fight, Tyson will go the other way. He’ll give somebody else the opportunity. Dillian Whyte, be nice to Tyson.

“You start blowing smoke up his, you know what, and you might get a shot, kid,” continued John on what Whyte needs to do for Fury to give him a title shot.

“Listen, the man can fight; of course, he can. I’m not calling Dillian, but he’s not the class of my son, but neither is anybody else.

“Tyson is a country mile above everybody else, and Tyson ain’t fit. He’s beating the best men in the world without being fit,” John said.

It’s doubtful that Whyte will start smothering Fury with the compliments that John wants him to get a title shot.

The fact is, Whyte won’t have to blow smoke up Fury’s backside for him to get a title shot because once the WBC orders him to take that fight during their convention on November 14th, he’ll have no choice.

If Fury gives up his WBC belt, Whyte would be the automatic new champion.

Of course, with the WBC, you can’t rule out them making Whyte fight for the vacant title by facing the next highest-ranked available contender, which would be #1 WBC Deontay Wilder.

You could predict the bellyaching Whyte would do if the WBC ruled that he would need to face Wilder for the strap.

John: Tyson beats Whyte & Usyk on the same night

“He got COVID 19, and he got all those problems,” said John about what Fury dealt with during his training for the trilogy match with Deontay Wilder.

“Two elbows were useless [against Deontay Wilder in trilogy match]. He couldn’t even throw the jab, and he couldn’t box properly, and he [Wilder] still couldn’t do anything with a half-fit man.

“So, imagine Tyson firing on all four cylinders with no problems, no physical problems, no mental problems on an eight-week camp. I know who I’d put my money on with anybody.

“I’d put Dillian Whyte and all the rest of the men in together with him. He [Fury] could beat Dillian Whyte and Usyk on the same night, Tyson can with the proper camp and mentally right,” said John Fury. “I’d put my money on it.

“Cruiserweights [Usyk] don’t beat big 6’9” gigantic 20 stone fighting machines, do they? They might think they can in their dreams.

“Nobody beats Tyson. I’m not saying because he’s my son, but because he keeps proving me right, don’t he?” said John Fury.

The Fury that we saw last October loses to both Usyk and Whyte. Tyson doesn’t have the style or the conditioning to beat either of those guys, and it’s clear that his trainer SugarHill Steward has caused him to go downhill as a fighter.

John is correct about the punishment that Fury is beginning to take in his fights shortening his career. The chances that SugarHill has made with Fury, turning him into a Kronk Gym brawler, it’s likely to shorten his career.

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