Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III: Keys to Victory, Analysis and Prediction

By Boxing News - 10/09/2021 - Comments

By Joss Gooseman: We are a few hours away from the trilogy of a clash between the big heavyweights, a clash of titans.

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Keys to victory for Deontay Wilder:

Real estate –

• Keep the fight in the center of the ring, he should stand his ground and avoid being bullied by constantly using the jab. He actually has a decent jab as he has shown in his fight with Stiverne.

Use feints to disguise the right hand, make it unpredictable when he is going to fire it.

Avoid the extreme wide stance and use the legs and create some lateral movements, he has to keep the lead foot near but outside of Fury’s lead foot.

Counterpunch – :
Counter Tyson Fury’s jab with an inside slip and then fire that powerful right hand over the jab, that is, if he has developed this technique, e.g., Usyk’s technique.

Image: Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III: Keys to Victory, Analysis and Prediction

Keys to victory For Tyson Fury:

Size and weight:
As has been shown in the second fight, Wilder can not fight backwards, thus pushing him back with the jab worked well.

Wilder’s left hook:
A lot of people concentrate on Wilder’s right hand, forgetting the fact that his left hook is lethal as well, the one shot that he used to put Fury on the canvas in their first fight in the 12th round, thus Fury should be aware of it.

Some dirty tactics:
He already used this tactic in the second fight. He used every opportunity to lean on Wilder and tire him out. Thus this, and the fact that Wilder is coming in with added weight will work to his advantage.


Fury weighed in at 277 while Wilder at 238, the heaviest in his career, which in my humble opinion is a huge mistake on Deontay’s team.

How so?
• Deontay Wilder has small legs, and he is putting a lot of weight and strain on those legs, the consequence of which he will tire out quicker.

• He is not known for remarkable quickness of hands but with a huge right hand, and that right hand worked well when he was fighting in his optimal weight. He already has the power, thus the added weight will not help but will actually work against him, he is sacrificing what quickness he has with the added weight, not to mention the cardio. They should have noted and learned how the first fight went, i.e., a lighter Wilder almost knocked out Fury and we have all seen how badly a heavier Wilder performed in the second fight.

Things to consider

• Fury has Wilder’s number. He has the blueprint now to beat Wilder a second time, and since Wilder is not a technical boxer, he will just focus on landing that right hand, one shot, which will be his failing. Motivation is not enough, you need skillsets and game plans to go with that desire. I hope Malik Scott has the ability to teach him new techniques.

•.Wilder fired his best shot at Fury, yet Fury took it and came back at him. He was on the floor in that 12th round in the first fight with eyes wide open looking at the referee and when all the previous fighters Wilder faced never recovered from his shots, Tyson Fury got up. If you throw everything at your opponent including the kitchen sink and does nothing to him, and in fact, just comes back at you, in your face, then that is psychologically crippling.

• The way that Wilder suffered his loss was devastating. Such a loss, in such a manner does something to a fighter mentally. It is most probably the reason he wasn’t able to cope mentally with the loss, thus accepted all the conspiracy theories floated around by his fans, and his misdirected anger at his former trainer Mark Breland.

But there is an unknown element, i.e., the new trainer, so we have to see what his new trainer Malik Scott has done, albeit in most cases when fighters are faced with difficulties in the ring, they almost always revert back to their old innate styles. It is a mental thing.

Image: Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder III: Keys to Victory, Analysis and Prediction


It all comes down to who has more tools in the toolbox.
There are a lot of ways Fury could beat Wilder, but there is only one way Wilder could beat Fury.

I predict a Fury win, but I have to give Wilder a puncher’s chance.
May the best man win.