Tyson Fury reveals tactics for Deontay Wilder: “I’m going to drag him into a dog fight”

By Boxing News - 10/05/2021 - Comments

By Charles Brun: Tyson Fury says he’s going to drag the revenge-minded Deontay ‘Bronze Bomber’ Wilder into a dog fight this Saturday night and then drown him in deep waters in the later rounds.

Fury (30-0-1-1, 21 KOs) reveals that he will take the fight straight to the former WBC heavyweight champion, just like in their previous contest in 2020.

It’s risky for Fury to get into a war with the hard-hitting Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) because he’s already been viciously knocked out by him in the 12th round in their first fight in 2018.

Fury was saved by the referee, who shockingly gave him a count while he was unconscious, which some fans viewed as a robbery because the fight should have been stopped on the spot.

Had Fury been badly hurt, the referee would have been under the microscope for wasting valuable seconds giving a count while he was knocked cold.

If Wilder knocks Fury out again, it’ll be interesting to see if a referee chooses to give him a count or do the smart thing and wave it off and call in the medical team to look him over.

Fury counting on beating Wilder in war

“I think he’s had a tough time the last couple of years after his defeat. Being undefeated for so long and losing the fight, it really does something to some people,” said Tyson Fury to FOX Sports AUS.

Image: Tyson Fury reveals tactics for Deontay Wilder: "I'm going to drag him into a dog fight"

I’m going to take the fight to him and drag him into a dog fight and drown him into deep water. That’s exactly what I’m going to do with him,” said Fury in revealing his game plan for Saturday’s trilogy contest with Deontay.

“I’m expecting an inside-the-distance fight for sure, and definitely going to give him a good hiding and beat him up real bad. He will not want to fight me again after this; I’ll put it that way. There will be no fourth fight.

“It feels like getting hit in the face with a sledgehammer,” said Fury when asked what it feels like to get hit by Deontay Wilder. “He’s a very hard puncher, and he closes the distance quick, and he can let hard punches go very fast.

“But it’s up to me not to allow him to do that, and if I’m stupid enough to let Deontay Wilder hit me on the end of the chin with one of them big rights, and I’m stupid enough to get carried out on a stretcher,” said Fury.

Tyson has decided that he wants to chance it by going to war with Wilder, believing that he can avoid getting sparked out. What Fury is forgetting is that Wilder’s legs were gone last time they fought due to him wearing a heavy 50+ lb ring-walk costume.

Also, when Fury knocked Wilder on the back of the head with a rabbit punch in the third round, what little power that Deontay had left disappeared with that shot.

So unless Fury can recreate what happened last time he fought Deontay, there’s a chance he’s going to get knocked out by the American on Saturday.

Tyson believes Deontay is in a BAD mental state

“Coming into this fight, he has a lot to prove, but I think the way he is mentally at the moment when he loses on Saturday night, he’s going to be in an even worse state,” Fury said about Wilder.

I hope he recovers after I give him a hell of a beating on Saturday night, and we’ll see what he’s made of if he comes back. It’s not how you lose; it’s how you come back from losing. That’s what it’s about; recovering and rebuilding.

“All the stuff that Deontay Wilder has said, it sounds like it’s coming from a very mentally unstable person,” said Fury about the excuses Deontay made about his loss last year.

It sounds foolish for Fury to choose to slug with Wilder because he’s got the kind of power that could send him into oblivion a second time.

If Wilder knocks Fury out again, who’s to say the referee won’t stop it this time rather than looking silly giving a count.

Assuming Fury does get dropped several times, the chances are high that Wilder will finish him off.

Fury got lucky in his fight with Wilder in 2018 because of the referee and also because he just barely avoided getting poleaxed by a tremendous right hand from Deontay moments after getting off the floor. Had that punch landed, Fury would have likely gone for a long, long sleep.