John Fury insists Tyson is in “good condition” for Wilder trilogy

By Boxing News - 10/09/2021 - Comments

By Charles Brun: John Fury insists that the flabby-looking 277-lb Tyson Fury is in “good condition” for his fight tonight against Deontay Wilder, and he’s predicting a stoppage win for his son by no later than the eighth round.

John says Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) trained hard for the fight and had the best dietician. However, John isn’t saying why Fury looks nowhere near the physical condition he was in for his previous fight with former WBC heavyweight champion Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) last year.

Fury looks older and fatter than he was 20 months ago. The fact that Fury wouldn’t take his shirt off during the weigh-in says all you need to know about his training for the trilogy match with Deontay.

John was worked up over David Haye from BT Sport, telling it like it is in Howard Cossell fashion, pointing out that Fury doesn’t look in great shape physically.

John says Fury is in good condition

Haye wasn’t going to blow smoke up Fury’s patoot by saying he looked like body beautiful when it was painfully apparent that he’s gotten fat and now has a dad’s body.

Seeing how fat Fury was, Haye made the obvious prediction in picking Deontay to win the fight, as he looked like a statue from a museum.

Image: John Fury insists Tyson is in "good condition" for Wilder trilogy

You could see the fat hanging off Fury’s and coating his midsection during Friday’s weigh-in. Sadly, Fury looked nearly as old as the 56-year-old former professional wrestler, ‘The Undertaker,’ which he appeared to be masquerading as during the weigh-in.

What was telling was Fury chose NOT to take off his shirt during the weigh-in, which indicated to some boxing fans is that he was hiding the flab that he’s put on during the last 20 months.

“He’s saying Tyson’s condition is poor. How does he know?” said John Fury to iFL TV in reacting to David Haye saying the 277 lb flabby-looking Fury’s conditioning is poor. “How does he know? He [Fury] is in good condition,” said John.

Fury, 33, looked in good shape compared to his 57-year-old dad, John, but not to Wilder or any of the other talented elites in the division.

Muscles don’t win fights – John

“David Haye obviously thinks muscles win fights, and that’s not the case as we saw a couple of weeks ago,” said John in alluding to Anthony Joshua’s loss to Oleksandr Usyk.

“AJ had the best body in Great Britain amongst all boxers, and he got beat.

“I don’t know why you’re out there because you don’t like Tyson, and you jump on everybody’s back waiting for them to beat Tyson,” said John in continuing his rant against Haye him pointing out how flabby & and out of shape the shirt-wearing Fury looked at the weigh-in.

Image: John Fury insists Tyson is in "good condition" for Wilder trilogy

“Of course, he is. It’s a joke with this man, and I don’t know why BT sent him out there,” said John Fury in getting worked up after learning Haye is picking Deontay to win tonight.

His hatred for the Fury family is terrible. This man is climbing on anybody’s back, praying that they beat Tyson.

“I’ll tell you what, David. Your dreams ain’t going to come true just yet, pal,” said John.

Indeed, muscles don’t win fights, but when you get a fighter out of shape, as Fury is looking right now, it’s tough for them to beat a talented muscular fighter like Deontay.

It’ll be interesting to see if John changes his tune about Fury’s conditioning should he get bruised and battered by Deontay tonight.

Will John jump on Fury and the training team for coming into the trilogy fight with Wilder looking so flabby and ill-prepared? I mean,  someone will have to take the blame for Fury’s loss, right? The training team could be the perfect scapegoat in this case rather than Fury himself.

John says Fury will bulldoze Wilder

“They’re fully dressed, so you can knock a half stone off,” said John about Fury and Wilder coming in at career-high weights on Friday at the weigh-in. “I’d say Tyson was 19 stone 4, 19 stone 3, right where we wanted him to be.

“Tyson is a bulldozer; he’s an 18-wheeler,” John continued. “He’s not going to get down to a six-pack. And he’s trained to roll over Wilder, and you’ll see what he’s going to do with Wilder.

“He’s going to front-foot him, and b*** slap him all night until he goes down and doesn’t get up, and that’s the end.

“David Haye, you must love humble pie because you’re going to eat plenty of it.

“My final prediction is Tyson is going to white-wash him and take him and beat him to death in every round,” said a worked-up sounding John. “I just see him being stopped as soon as possible.

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“No more than eight, and it could be before. A cracking beat down again, but there’s always a chance Wilder can get lucky. That’s his only chance of getting lucky,” said John Fury.

Fury looks like a man that has been sitting on the soft, stuffing chocolate eclair cake down his piehole for the last 20 months.

It’s hard to imagine Fury, with his poor physique, winning this fight against the trim, rejuvenated Wilder tonight. The years of Fury going into fights with an out-of-shape-looking body may catch up to him tonight.