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Mayweather bitter & defiant, gloats about “heist” against Logan

Image: Mayweather bitter & defiant, gloats about "heist" against Logan

By William Lloyd:  Floyd Mayweather Jr sounded like a bitter, angry old man at the post-fight press conference last Sunday night after his underwhelming performance against the poor stamina-plagued YouTuber Logan Paul in their money-grab at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

(Photo credit: Sean Michael Ham/Mayweather Promotions)

Interestingly, Mayweather and Logan were booed loudly for a prolonged period at the end of their eight round exhibition match from the fans, who were angry and disappointed at the low-quality fight that they’d just witnessed from the two.

In reaction to being booed, Mayweather was at his worst at the post-fight news conference, coming across like an internet troll being interviewed.

Floyd goes off on his critics

“They say, ‘It’s not all about the money.’ Well, your kids can’t eat legacy,” said Mayweather at the post-fight press conference last Sunday night in Miami.

“The patches on my trunks, that’s 30 million alone, so who’s really the smartest one in boxing?” Mayweather continued. “If you guys don’t want to see me do no exhibitions, don’t come, don’t watch.”

Image: Mayweather bitter & defiant, gloats about "heist" against Logan

If Mayweather keeps underwhelming the fans with his dull performances in his mismatches against YouTubers & MMA fighters, he won’t have to worry about fans because they’ll avoid his “heists” at all costs.

The fans expected to get more from their money what the 44-year-old Mayweather (50-0, 27 KOs) and the YouTuber Logan Paul were capable of giving them. As the saying goes, ‘Let the buyer beware.’

These fans should have done their research by watching Mayweather’s past fights against Conor McGregor, Andre Berto, Manny Pacquiao, and Marcos Maidana to know what was in store for them.

Mayweather put on boring safety-first fights in each of those four contests, so it shouldn’t have been a shock to the fans when he put on an even worse dull effort against Logan last Sunday. Mayweather hadn’t fought in four years since 2017, and he’s a very, very old-looking 44.

After the fight, an angry Mayweather spewed venom at the media, bragging about the money he made from the fight and how the people that write about him don’t live in a house like him.

Mayweather let the boxing fans and the media know that if they don’t like his exhibition matches, they don’t have to watch. In other words, Mayweather doesn’t care, and he’ll likely continue to put them on.

If Mayweather was hoping for a positive reaction from the media and fans, he was sourly mistaken. Mayweather should have known that the media would let him hear the straight truth about how abysmal his fight with Logan looked.

It seemed like Mayweather wanted the media to blow smoke up his tailpipe, smothering him with false praise like he was a King.

Mayweather revels in his bank heist

“When it comes to legalized bank robbery, I’m the best,” Mayweather proudly claimed, reveling in his underwhelming fights against overmatched opposition.

Image: Mayweather bitter & defiant, gloats about "heist" against Logan

“I don’t care if you write good stories, I don’t care if you write bad stories, I’ll always have the last laugh,” Mayweather said. “‘Damn, I wrote a story about Floyd,’ but look at the house I go to, and look at the house he [the writers] go to.

“All the guys that you said were extraordinary, the Canelos and the Pacquiaos; I made them look ordinary,” Mayweather said. “And then when I see a chance for me to do a heist, a quick heist, I’m the smart one.

“They say, ‘Oh, Floyd don’t look good like he used to look.’ My bank account is looking better and better each and every day,” said Mayweather.

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