Fury vs. Wilder 3: What can we expect from Fury?

By Boxing News - 06/05/2021 - Comments

By Ismail Chunara: Yesterday, I posted an article on what fight fans could expect from Deontay Wilder in the 3rd fight with Tyson Fury. Today we’ll assess and delve into what we could expect to see from The Gypsy King.

Firstly, confidence has never been an issue for Tyson Fury, and it will be sky-high after his demolition job on Wilder back in February last year.

You would expect the same game plan from Tyson Fury, who joined up with Kronk Gym’s Sugar Hill Steward just weeks before their last fight.

This time around, he has had plenty of time working with Sugar Hill to fine-tune his skills even more.

You’d expect Tyson to get into Deontay’s head with his famous mind games. Fury has plenty of ammunition against Wilder after all of the excuses Wilders made.

Image: Fury vs. Wilder 3: What can we expect from Fury?

Fury is a great talker and entertainer out of the ring, so I look forward to the press conferences where I’m sure Fury will remind Wilder of his dominating victory last February.

Fury has shown he can adapt and change his style up. No one believed Fury when he said last time he was going for the knockout.

Fury displayed versatility in boxing on the front foot as well as the back foot. He has shown how he can slip and slide and how he can come forward, pressure, and dominate Wilder. Fury is a masterful boxer, has great footwork, and a tremendous inside fighting game. He is bigger than Wilder, and you can bet Fury will try to lean all over Deontay again.

Fury has demonstrated he can hurt Wilder and push him back. Wilder had no answer last fight, and you could see the fear on Wilders face at times in that fight.

Tyson has also shown he can take Wilder’s best shots and get up, and in the 2nd fight, Fury took a couple of right hands in the early rounds with no problems. Fury just seemed to eat Wilder’s right hands up and roll with the punches and keep coming forward.

It’s important Tyson doesn’t underestimate Wilder. After all, Fury’s best performances have come when he’s been the underdog.

Fury has recently gone offline and is in full training mode. Tyson’s a smart man, and he knows what’s at stake here, so he’ll be zoned in. A very lucrative opportunity lies ahead in the undisputed fight with AJ should Fury come through Wilder.

Wilder’s best chance of beating Fury was in their 1st fight way back in December of 2018, with Tyson coming off a long layoff, huge weight gain, and drug addiction. That was a Fury at 50%, and even then, Wilder couldn’t beat Fury and was outclassed.

Fury should go into this 3rd fight and use educated pressure and push Wilder on the back foot, lean on him, rough him up on the inside and look to stop him again.

Image: Fury vs. Wilder 3: What can we expect from Fury?

I feel this fight will be more competitive, though, and Wilder should put on a better display. However, all in all, Wilder is a huge underdog, and I anticipate another victory for Tyson, possibly another mid to late rounds stoppage.

The famous saying goes, ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,’ and that’s what you can expect coming into this trilogy bout from Tyson ‘The Gypsy King’ Fury.