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Bill Haney reacts angrily to Ryan Garcia badgering Devin

Image: Bill Haney reacts angrily to Ryan Garcia badgering Devin

By Dan Ambrose: Devin Haney’s dad Bill wasn’t happy at Ryan Garcia’s comments he made last Saturday night in reacting to Devin’s unimpressive 12 round unanimous decision win over Jorge Linares at the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was woeful the way that Haney was clinching as if his life depended on it from the 10th to the 12th. Haney was running out the clock with his clinching, and the referee was letting him do it without taking points off, which he should have been doing.

In basketball, they have a 24-second clock to keep teams from running out the clock by holding onto the ball for an extended period to use up the time in the game. In boxing, they don’t have that.

All they have is the referee, who is supposed to step in and warn/penalize fighters that clinch repeatedly to run out the clock when hurt or to stall out the last rounds of the fight.

In this case, Haney used up much of the 11th and 12th rounds by repeatedly clinching Linares.

Ryan Garcia (21-0, 18 KOs) says he would have “slept” Haney if he’d been the one fighting him. He saw how hurt WBC lightweight champion Haney (26-0, 15 KOs) was in the last three rounds of the fight.

It was only by the use of repeatedly clinching that Haney survived to hear the final bell.

Devin’s dad is taking the comments from Ryan Garcia the wrong way. Ryan likey isn’t the only fighter in the lightweight division that believes they can beat Haney after seeing him repeatedly hurt by Linares.

Bill Haney: Ryan Garcia has got b*tch in him

“He put on a masterful performance, he showed grit, and he got a chance to display a complete arsenal and we’re happy that Linares came to fight,” said Bill Hanny to Fighthype.

Image: Bill Haney reacts angrily to Ryan Garcia badgering Devin

“He [Linares] said he was in the best shape of his life, he trained and he knew this would probably be his last shot.

“But he didn’t, he didn’t want to fight him, right?” said Bill Haney in reacting to Ryan Garcia saying that he would have “slept” Haney if it had been him fighting last Saturday.

“Linares called out Ryan Garcia time and time again, and he wouldn’t accept the fight. They’re both Golden Boy stablemates.

“I think Ryan has a lot of b*tch in him, do you know what I mean? For a guy that is saying he’s suffering from some kind of mental health, I really think it’s something his parents didn’t instill in him.

“He’s got a lot of b*tch in him. His dad talks a lot like him, and they both resemble each other,” said Bill.

Let’s be real about this. Haney showed weakness big time against Linares, and he likely would have been knocked out if Jorge had sense enough to continue throwing punches while he was being clinched.

Haney was in dire condition after being nailed by a big right hand from Linares in the 10th. The reason Haney survived is that he was hugging Linares incessantly in the 11th and 12th rounds

The referee Russell Mora let Haney get away with murder with his constant clinching in the last three rounds of the fight. Mora should have warned Haney and taken off points for his holding.

Devin vs. Teofimo Lopez possible

“If Teofimo handles his business with Kambosos, we’ve already handled ours, so we’re available,” said Bill Haney about Devin being interested in facing Teofimo next.

Image: Bill Haney reacts angrily to Ryan Garcia badgering Devin

“We’re available right now so we can talk our s***. I always knew Eddie [Hearn] was willing to make the fights happen.

“And we’re Devin Haney Promotions, we can make the fights happen. We don’t have to ask Eddie for permission.

“He’s never done anything wrong by us. We’ve got a chance for Devin to be a 22-year-old promoter, and make millions and millions of dollars, so I don’t have anything bad to say about Eddie at all. We are bosses in this sh*t.” said Haney.

We don’t know how well Teofimo will perform against George Kambosos Jr on June 19th because he’s coming off a grueling fight with Vasily Lomachenko last October.

Teofimo was really lumped up by Lomachenko in the second half of that fight. That match may have taken something out of Teofimo. We’ll have to find out on June 19th if Teofimo is still the same guy he was going into the fight with Lomachenko.

Bill confident Haney beats Teofimo

“There are some things that you’ve never seen Teo do or have,” said Bill when asked what makes him think Haney will be able to beat Teofimo.

“You know he has that big right hand, but he doesn’t have an inside game, and he doesn’t have a jab. He doesn’t have the skillset that Devin has.

“We answered some questions [against Linares] of what happens when Devin gets hit with a right hand, that big right hand that Teofimo has.

“We don’t plan on getting hit with it, but we’re willing to withstand and fight through adversity. I think he showed well, he showed that grit.

“When you’re talking about sitting [Vasily] Lomachenko down, that wasn’t something that Teo was able to do, and that’s something that Jorge did. That’s a testament to Jorge Linares as well,” said Bill Haney.

There are very few boxing fans that believe Haney will beat Teofimo after the way he looked against Linares.

Even before last Saturday’s fight, boxing fans saw Teofimo as too strong and too mature for Haney to deal with.

But the Linares match confirmed that Haney isn’t in the same league as Teofimo, and he’s not going to be able to deal with him.

Bill didn’t see Devin’s knees buckling

“Everybody is talking about the ‘buckling,’ and I didn’t see the buckling,” said Bill when asked about his comments on Haney being wobbled in the 10th round by Linares.

“We talked more about the big shot that Devin had than we talked about Teofimo getting blackeyes and boo-boos, and him saying, ‘I had a boo-boo, I’m never fighting a tall fighter.’

“Nobody said nothing about that. Lomachenko got sat on his a** by Linares, and also dropped Luke Campbell.

“It ain’t s***. This is the business, and when you’re in the business to make millions of dollars fighting, you administer so much punishment on another man.

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Yeah, you’re going to get hit by somebody, it’s boxing,” said Bill Haney.

Well, if Bill Haney didn’t see his son Devin’s knees buckling in rounds 10, 11, and 12 after getting hit by Linares with big shots, he might need a new pair of prescription glasses.

If Bill had his eyes open and his vision wasn’t impaired, he should have seen Haney getting staggered by Linares repeatedly in the championship rounds.

Haney’s legs were completely gone after the 10th round, and he was getting staggered by any halfway decent shot that Linares was hitting him with.

It got so bad that Devin started diving forward to grab Linares in clinches. The crowd was booing Haney the whole time. Bill had to have noticed all the booing from the fans.

If Bill couldn’t see straight, at least he should have been able to hear the booing. He could have asked Haney’s other trainer Ben Davison why the fans were booing, and he’d have clued him in.

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