Anthony Joshua: I don’t care about Tyson Fury’s deadlines

By Boxing News - 04/15/2021 - Comments

By Barry Holbrook: Anthony Joshua is totally unconcerned with Tyson Fury’s arbitrary deadlines that he’s coming up with for their mega-fight. AJ is ignoring Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) right now and focusing on his training.

He figures that if Fury doesn’t want the fight, he’ll miss out as others had in the past when they didn’t want it.

Without naming names, Joshua appeared to be hinting about Deontay Wilder, a fighter that had the chance to fight him for massive money but didn’t take advantage of the opportunity.

If Fury follows Wilder’s path, he’ll choose not to take the fight with Joshua, and he’ll be sorry for it later.

Joshua (24-1, 22 KOs) says he doesn’t care about the undisputed angle that his promoters at Matchroom Boxing will be using as a selling point for the fight. The only thing Joshua cares about is to destroy Fury.

Joshua ignoring Fury’s deadlines

“The next one is a no-brainer. The people that don’t take the opportunity to fight me tells me they don’t want to fight,” said Joshua to PepTalk UK.

Image: Anthony Joshua: I don't care about Tyson Fury's deadlines

“This next one coming up, it’ll be a career-high payday and the biggest fight the world has ever seen. Everyone will benefit from it, especially the boxing community. Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.

“We’re expecting me to be a week better with my skills, a week stronger with my mentality, a week wiser, and I’m going to be a week closer to the date where I get to kick Tyson Fury’s ass.

Every week that counts down, I’m looking forward to it. I ain’t waiting for no deadline. I don’t know what Fury is doing, and I don’t give a s*** either,” said Joshua.

Fury’s deadlines are likely just an empty bluff, made in hopes of pushing Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn to work quickly. But these things take time, and he can’t hurry the negotiations faster than he already is without making a mess of things.

Fury is obviously anxious and in a hurry to have the first fight with Joshua done with because he’s been out of the ring for over a year.

There were mistakes made on Fury’s part by choosing not to fight Wilder again and focusing on wanting to take a low-level tune-up against Agit Kabayel. That fight likely wouldn’t have done well.

If Fury had been open to taking a risky title defense against Dillian Whyte, it would have sold last December.

AJ’s main concern is smoking Fury

“All I know is who I am, and I’m coming,” said Joshua. “I’m looking forward to it. I have been to the top of the mountain, I come back down, and now I’m climbing my way back up.

Image: Anthony Joshua: I don't care about Tyson Fury's deadlines

“All we need is a venue. I’m not worried about what Fury is doing. Whatever. It’s just a fight with titles,” said Joshua when asked if his fight with Fury will be for the undisputed championship.

“‘I know they’re promoting this as for the undisputed,” said Joshua. “I’m not dealing with that.

“I’m about to smoke someone; that’s all I know. It’s just a job. Call me ‘The Postman.’ You know why? [because Joshua always delivers]. I know I’m number one.

“And I don’t need a pound-for-pound list to tell me. I don’t really follow the pound-for-pound lists.

“This small country [England] is dominating the sport right now,” said Joshua.

AJ is completely dialed in 100% towards his goal of defeating Fury whenever this match gets made. Joshua says he doesn’t care if the fight gets made towards the end of the year. He’ll be ready to defeat Fury no matter when the fight takes place.

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