Takeover in Welterweight division

By Boxing News - 02/18/2021 - Comments

By SoHaib: The most exciting boxing division, welterweight as always awash with throngs of talented boxers. At the top the division are guys like Errol Spence jr (27-0-0), Terence Crawford (37-0-0), and Manny Pacquiao (62-7-2), who has been recently dethroned due to long layoff.

And contemporary, I AM not seeing any veteran boxer like Danny Garcia, Shawn Porter, etc., replacing them as their skill is far superior. But it doesn’t mean that the emerging hungry boxers cannot decrowned them. So today I will be giving some account of the possible takeover in welterweight world.


An American professional boxer, crowned seven times national champion, winner at junior Olympics (2013). And turned professional in 2016 marking his presence with sensational KO of fellow american boxer Julius Rodas.

From then onward his winning streak rolls on, and now he’s 16-0-0 including win over Samuel Vargas, Antonio Orozco, and Mauricio Herara. All his win came by KO or TKO which corroborate his power.

Image: Takeover in Welterweight division

And no fighter has past the limit of seven rounds. Even the veteran Samuel Vargas was prone to his onslaught. Contemporary, he is WBA Gold, No.2 in WBO ranking, which is the panoply of his class. Ortiz Jr was also ring magazine prospect of year 2019.

Vergil is the man to which any king can possibly be succumb to. So the welterweight is his future territory and he will turned this chimera to reality in time to come. Let’s wait and see how he is going to smoke the killers of welterweight division.


Another exhilarating prospect of America, who won silver and gold medals at the national golden gloves championship in 2014. He turned professional in 2016.

In Ennis’ fight, he showcased his talent and displayed his class by knocking out his opponent in the first round. But his shocking display of talent didn’t stop there, he moves on with the sensational display of what he got inexorably.

And today, Ennis has a sterling record of 26-0-0. Although he has not been able to bag the attention as Vergil Ortiz, it doesn’t mean he’s a bluff. Ennis has shocking speed, great reflexes, awesome defence and word class footwork which made him the possible name to thwart the welterweight kings.

Image: Takeover in Welterweight division

And with stretch of time he is coming in radar of boxing world. Currently he is no.7 in WBO and no.10 in IBF. But with one or two win he will be in the position to challenge any one in welterweight. And it’s no long that he stunned the world with his shocking skills.


Besides these two there are many shocking talent that could possibly capture a big spot in the welterweight division like Daniyar Yeleussinov, Josh Kelly, Kudratillo Abduqaxorov, etc.

And there will be a lot more than I know. But it’s my list I think possibly they could, they may not be able to do so. it’s just my conjecture.

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