Canelo, Andy Ruiz Jr and Ryan Garcia all training together

By Boxing News - 02/05/2021 - Comments

By Dan Ambrose: Trainer Eddy Reynoso’s gym was loaded with talent on Friday with Canelo Alvarez, former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr and Ryan Garcia all working out at the same time.

Of the three stars that Reynoso was training on Friday, only Canelo has a fight scheduled. Andy Ruiz Jr still doesn’t have an opponent after 14 months out of the ring and knows how much longer it’ll be before he fights again.

He still hasn’t come back from his loss to Anthony Joshua in December 2019. That was the fight that Ruiz (33-2, 22 KO) failed to train hard, and ended up losing his IBF, WBA ad WBO titles to Joshua.

Ruiz dumped his trainer after the fight and went with Reynoso because he wanted to be around an environment of great fighters.

Ryan Garcia complaining about not feeling well

“Today, I wasn’t feeling good while training, but this goes to show you that no matter how you feel good or bad, some days are going to be good and some days are going to be bad, but you got to finish training no matter what,” said Ryan Garcia to ESNEWS.

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With Ryan, we don’t know what he’s training for because his fight with Manny Pacquiao is reportedly not happening. Eric Gomez of Golden Boy Promotions revealed last week that there is no Pacquiao fight.

Ryan has pretty much stopped talking about Pacquiao entirely, which can only mean the fight isn’t happening.

It’s not surprising, though, because it was a crazy idea from the very start of Ryan going up two divisions to face Pacquiao at a catchweight in an exhibition fight.

Image: Canelo, Andy Ruiz Jr and Ryan Garcia all training together

Ryan (21-0, 18 KOs) lacks the credentials for him to be fighting a legend like Pacquiao. He’s never won a world title, and he still hasn’t fought for one as well. Ryan would look as unqualified as a YouTuber if he were to face Pacquiao.

If Pacquiao is going to go for a circus-level opponent, he needs to go all the way by picking out Conor McGregor and count on the fans having a short memory about his recent knockout loss.

The fight that Gomez is interested in making for Ryan is against Teofimo Lopez later this year. Teofimo’s promoter Bob Arum wants Ryan to fight Javier Fortuna next.

Jeff Mayweather reacts to Ryan Garcia saying Canelo KOs Floyd now

“This s*** doesn’t matter now because they [Mayweather and Canelo], and when they fought, he [Canelo] got his a** whooped,” said Jeff Mayweather on the Mayweather Channel. “That’s the only thing that matters.

“Isn’t he [Ryan] f**** with Canelo’s people? That’s the only reason why he’s saying that s***, said Jeff about Ryan Garcia saying that Canelo is smarter than Floyd Mayweather.

“Before that, nobody said s*** about Canelo. After he got his a** whipped by Floyd, that’s when he changed. Everybody found out, ‘Oh, this guy, he’s smart now.’

“He wasn’t smart before that, was he? I don’t have nothing against Canelo, but when this a** hole [Ryan Garcia] is talking s*** like that, I got to speak the truth.

Image: Canelo, Andy Ruiz Jr and Ryan Garcia all training together

“I think Canelo is the best in boxing right now. He’s the cash cow. He’s exactly what Floyd was, and he’s doing exactly what Floyd did to him. If he was as smart as Floyd, he would have beat him.

Floyd was old when he beat Canelo

“That’s the bottom line on that s***. Floyd was an old man when he beat his a***. That throws all that bull s*** out the window.

“Okay, why did Canelo got his a** whipped?” said Jeff when told that Ryan said that Canelo moves around the ring better than Floyd did. “That’s all I got to say.

“I don’t even got to say nothing else. All the s*** that Canelo is doing now, Floyd already did. Floyd did it to him. Just because he’s under their wing, that’s why he’s kissing their a**, and that’s why he’s blowing smoke.

“That’s bull s***,” said Jeff about the judge that scored the Mayweather vs. Canelo fight a draw at 114-114.

“Canelo knows himself that wasn’t right. It’s like anything else. Every great fighter has their time. Floyd had his time. Floyd doesn’t owe Canelo nothing because he beat his a**.

“That kills me when people say, ‘Oh, you got to give him a rematch. That’s like with Teofimo Lopez. All these people, the first thing that came out of their mouth, ‘When is he going to fight Loma again?’ For what?

“What the f*** is he going to fight him for? He already beat his a**. He dominated him. I don’t necessarily say it would be the same,” said Jeff Mayweather when asked if it would be the same result if the Floyd that fought Canelo in 2013 were to face him now.

“What you got to realize is you can’t put two guys together when one guy is older, and one is young. You can’t do that s***.

Canelo has improved

“He’s a much better fighter,” said Jeff when asked if Canelo is a better fighter now than when he fought Mayweather. “He became a better fighter because he’s doing the same thing that Floyd did, and what did Floyd do to his a**?

“That’s why he’s better. Don’t get me wrong. I take my hat off to Canelo. I like Canelo, but I’m not going to give him no credit that he doesn’t deserve.

“It’s bull s*** because Floyd did the same thing. When Floyd fought Genaro Hernandez, he was the best fighter in the division, and he won, he dominated,” said Jeff.

Canelo has improved, but he still has the same poor stamina as he did when Lloyd fought him. He still struggles against fighters with a good jab, and movement.

One thing that Canelo has gotten from Mayweather that goes beyond him copying his fighting style is the way that he carefully selects his opponents. Canelo faces guys that he knows he can beat.

You don’t see Canelo taking risky fights against fighters like David Benavidez, Jermall Charlo, Demetrius Andrade, Dimitry Bivol or Artur Beterbiev.