Lomachenko doubts Teofimo will agree to rematch

By Boxing News - 12/18/2020 - Comments

By Chris Williams: It’s been two months. Vasily Lomachenko is still bitter and in denial about his loss to Teofimo Lopez on October 17th, and he doubts whether the talented New Yorker will agree to a rematch.

Lomachenko thinks Teofimo feels that he “got lucky” last time because Loma was injured with a shoulder problem. As a result, the 23-year-old Teofimo won’t want to face a healthy Lomachenko in a rematch and wind up losing.

Additionally, Lomachenko is saying his fight with Lopez last October should have been scored a 12-round draw. Lomachenko says the ‘B’ word, talking about someone being “bribed” with the fight.

Loma (14-2, 10 KOs) is obviously having a hard time making sense of what happened to him that night, getting dominated by the bigger, faster, stronger, and younger Teofimo (16-0, 12 KOs).

Dare I say, Lopez showed even more talent than Lomachenko, and it was pure domination from the New York native against the aging 32-year-old Lomachenko that night.

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The judges had the final say, giving Teofimo, 23, the win by 116-112, 119-109, and 117-111. Chris Williams agrees with the 117-111 score for Teofimo.

Lomachenko did win a few late rounds when Teofimo eased off on the accelerator after dominating the first seven rounds. But it’s ridiculous to view the Teofimo – Lomachenko fight and see it as a 12-round draw because it wasn’t a close contest.

Image: Lomachenko doubts Teofimo will agree to rematch

Lomachenko: It’s about being bribed

“I didn’t lose the fight. I took one round from the first half and five from the second. Six each, a draw. It’s not about bias, it’s about being bribed. I don’t know whose game it was. I do think it was somebody’s game.,” said a disgruntled Lomachenko on his YouTube channel, LOMUS Official.

Sadly, Lomachenko is talking baout someone being bribed when it came to his fight with Teofimo because it’s so obvious that he wasn’t good enough.

With Lomachenko, he’s having a hard time dealing with his defeat, and he’s looking for reasons for why he got beaten by Teofimo. It would be better if Lomachenko let the judges do their job and respect what their decision was.

The writing was already on the wall that Lomachenko would lose to Teofimo when he struggled to beat Luke Campbell, Jose Pedraza, and Jorge Linares.

Those fights showed that Lomachenko had hit his ceiling as a professional and wasn’t going to be able to go past that to beat an elite lightweight.

Although some boxing fans attribute Lomachenko’s loss to Teofimo based on his advancing age, that had no beaing on the results. It was more of a case of Lomachenko facing someone with more talent than himself and better-suited for the pro game.

Lomachenko was a great amateur fighter with his fencing style of fighting, but the pro game of boxing is anentirely different sport. The boxers with the amateur style of fencing don’t do well in the pro ranks because you’ve got to be able to punch and go to war to win fights.

Image: Lomachenko doubts Teofimo will agree to rematch

Loma doubts Teofimo will agree to the rematch

“Question is if he agrees to [rematch], I think he won’t. They are afraid because they know I had an injury. They know that he can’t fight with me. He got lucky. He doesn’t want to fight me because he will lose the belts,” said Lomachenko of Lopez.

If there were a reason for Teofimo to fight Lomachenko again, suc as controversy over the results of their previous match, then he would do it.

But it was pure domination on Teofimo’s part, and you could tell that he would beat Lomachenko no matter how many times they fought.

Teofimo has been quite transparaent about his belief that he stands to gain nthing by fighting Lomachenko a second time, considering he knows he’ll dominate him again.

Instead of being stuck fighting an angry and bitter Lomachenko repeatedly, Teofimo has decided to move on and look to face Ryan Garcia, Gervonta Davis, and Devin Haney. Those are three guys at 135 that Lopez wishes to face before moving up to 140 to persue all the titles in that weight class.

As far as Lomachenko’s injury excuse, Teofimo isn’t buying into it, and he sees that as having no bearing on what transpired in their fight. Lopez says he wasn’t 100% either, yet he still found a way to win the fight.

Image: Lomachenko doubts Teofimo will agree to rematch

Teofimo believes that Lomachenko is just making excuses about what happened to him and isn’t willing to confront the reality that he met up with smeone with more talent. It’s not like Lomachenko hadn’t ever been beaten before.

Orlando Salido wore Lomachenko down with body shots in beating him by a 12 round decision in 2014. Loma failed to adapt to the body shots that Salido was nailing him with for the full 12 rounds, and he was overmatched.