Gary Russell Jr gives Devin Haney until Friday to agree to the deal

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By Chris Williams: Gary Russell Jr is giving Devin Haney, his father Bill, and their promoters until Friday to agree to the deal for $1.5 million for a fight. If they don’t agree, Russell Jr (31-1, 18 KOs) will be moving on because he wants to get a second fight in 2020.

Gary Jr says he has a “credible” opponent at 135 that he wants to fight if he can’t get a deal done with Haney, who he says is trying to add stipulations to the contract. As far as Russell Jr is concerned, the only stipulation he wants in the contract is a rematch clause.

Earlier this year, WBC featherweight champion Russell Jr defeated his mandatory challenger Tugstsogt Nyambayar on February 8th. He won a 12 round decision over the 2012 Olympian.

Haney and his dad are going to need to make up their minds quickly and agree to what Russell Jr wants because he doesn’t sound like he’s kidding around. He’ll move on and look to fight someone else, and that fighter will be the lucky one.

Russell Jr will fight Haney for $1.5M

“You better get your s*** together,” said Russell Jr on Instagram in sending a message to Devin Haney and his dad, Bill. “I hope the media and the fans catch on to this s***, because Bill and them; First they say I’m ducking Devin Haney.

Image: Gary Russell Jr gives Devin Haney until Friday to agree to the deal

“This is what happens. Bill and Devin were eavesdropping. They were ear-hustling. What I say to one girl isn’t what I’m going to say to the next. Don’t be listening too hard, Bill. Like I told you, with Terence [Crawford], it was personal.

“I told Terence it was personal, so yeah, I’d fight him for that $1.5 million]. When it comes to your son, I said, ‘Give me 2 [million].’ I’d beat his little a**, so now you’re saying that I’m trying to overprice myself.

“And I’m ducking and this that and the third. So because of that, I say, ‘f*** it.’ Now since I’m ducking, I’m going to beat your little a**. Send me the contract, and I’ll beat you for that 1.5. Now that I say I’m going to fight you for the 1.5, listen to this, fans. Now, first of all, I took the number that you wanted.

“I went down lower than I wanted, and I’m saying I’m going to fight you for it. Now y’all trying to put stipulations in the contract. Get the f*** out of here. Stop this bull s*** that y’all trying to play, man. I ain’t no stipulations. We’re real men. I’m going to do what the f*** when I want.

“That’s why we’re free agents. Y’all can get one fight like I said, and y’all better hurry up because I got something shaking because I’m trying two fights in this year for the real fans that want to see me put some smoke in, it’s going down,” said Russell Jr.

Haney needs to listen to Russell Jr and hurry up if he wants to beat this Friday’s deadline because he’s got a plan-B backup. There’s already a lot of boxing fans that think Haney will duck the fight with Russell.

Devin has got until Friday

“I’ve already got something lined up. Bill, y’all playing games,” said Russell. “The only stipulations that can possibly be in the contract is a rematch clause. Other than that s***, that s*** is dead.

Image: Gary Russell Jr gives Devin Haney until Friday to agree to the deal

“Like I said, y’all got until Friday because we’re already working on a date with another credible opponent, and it will be at 135. So if something doesn’t happen, you know why it didn’t happen.

“These dudes playing games. I’ll meet you at the office, and now you’re trying to add something else to it? Come on, man. Ain’t nobody got time to play these games.

“Spin that s*** to the fans, man. Y’all know what it is. I’m always going to answer the call. This s*** is crazy. I’m a real champion. Stop this s***. Stop trying to food poison the people, man. I hope you put that out there because if the fight don’t happen, Devin Haney is ducking.

“That’s some ducking s*** right there. Don’t say, ‘Well, I’ll meet you at this number.’ Alright, cool, you got it. Now you’re going to say, ‘Well, I’ll meet you at this number.’ Cool. You got it,” said Russell.

Gary Jr called Haney’s bluff by agreeing to the lower figure of $1.5 million rather than the $2 million that he wanted. It’s going to be interesting to see if Haney was just playing around, and was never serious about wanting to fight Russell.

Russell agrees to fight Devin on DAZN

“Now you’re going to say, ‘He’s got to do this too.’ Nah, f*** that. It don’t work that way,” Russell said. “Y’all want to make this fight, give me the 1.5, and the only stipulation in the contract should be the rematch clause because it’s highly likely that I’m going to scorch his little a**. That’s about it.

YouTube video

“All that other, ‘Well, if you fight Devin, you’ve got to do a fight over here with DAZN.’ Nah, I’m a free agent. I will come over to DAZN to fight Devin. If that’s where you want to do the right at, I’ve already talked to Al [Haymon].

“We can do the fight wherever the f*** you want the fight to be. Whatever network you want the fight to be on, we can make it shake. But with all that extra s*** you’re talking, you can miss me with that.

“This s*** is real over here, man. Tell Devin to get his s*** together. To the fans, I wanted to put it out there to let you know what’s going on.

“I’m meeting people’s offers [Team Haney], and now they’re trying to put stipulations in the contract, stating, ‘If you fight Devin, then you’ve got to at least give up a fight over here too after that.’ It sounds like Eddie Hearn is doing the talking to me,” Russell Jr said.

If Russell Jr is agreeing to fight on DAZN for less money than what he asked for, then it’s going to look bad if Haney still doesn’t take the fight. With everything Russell has agreed on, Haney should be fine on his side.

Only stipulation should be rematch clause

“That don’t make sense. F*** that. It’s man time over here, man,” said Gary. “I don’t know how you people move over in Texas. All that other goofy s***, you can miss me with that.

Image: Gary Russell Jr gives Devin Haney until Friday to agree to the deal

“Like I said, I’ll beat his little a** for the 1.5. The only stipulations that possible could be in it is a rematch clause because of the possibility of me beating his little a**. That’s it, that’s all.

“Shorty has never dealt with a fighter like me. He’s never seen nothing like me. I hope you ain’t looking at the [Vasiliy] Lomachenko fight and thinking, that’s a good fight for you. That wasn’t a good fighter to look at Gary Russell Jr at.

“That was a dehydrated version. I wasn’t knocked down in the fight, and it was still a split decision in the fight. Get the f*** out of here. Stop playing.

‘Y’all better hurry up and get your s*** together, and you better hurry up and send it by Friday because I’m going to give the fans what they want either way.

“If y’all ain’t going to meet my terms, then cool. I’m giving the fans what they want either way. I only fight once a year, so I’m going to give them two this year.

“I already scorched King Tut. It was a unanimous decision, and he’s a two-time silver medal Olympian. I say he’s a high B-class fighter. A-minus if you want to ask me. Jo Jo Diaz, who went on to become a world champion, who I just beat by a unanimous decision.

YouTube video

“Devin never fought anybody in my caliber, man. Y’all better get your s*** together by Friday because I got a date I’m looking at. I’m trying to go again for the fans for y’all. I’m keeping this 100. Stop this s***, Bill,” said Russell Jr.


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