Angel Garcia warns Errol Spence he’s getting beaten up by Danny

By Allan Fox: Angel Garcia is warning Errol Spence Jr that his son Danny Garcia is going to beat him up like a rag doll muppet on November 21st. Angel is confident that Danny (36-2, 21 KOs) will dethrone IBF/WBC welterweight champion Spence (26-0, 21 KOs) in their match on Fox Sports pay-per-view.

Garcia saw weakness in Spence’s game from his last fight against Shawn Porter, according to Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman.

The two were working together as commentators for FOX, and Danny noticed how often Porter was able to hit Spence. He said that if Porter could crack eggs with his punches, it would have been a different story.

Can Spence take Garcia’s power?

Danny ‘Swift’ is a lot bigger puncher than Porter, so the outcome could be different if he can land his shots on him. Despite getting hit a lot by Porter, Spence still beat him by a 12 round split decision last year in September.

What was impressive about what Spence’s win was he did it by fighting Porter’s fight by brawling with him on the inside rather than keeping the action at a distance.

Spence hasn’t let on about what type of approach he’s going to take for the Garcia fight, but most fans believe he’s going to box him. He’ll likely proceed with caution due to the car accident he was involved with last October.

Spence won’t want to take risks of taking too many great headshots from Danny.

Image: Angel Garcia warns Errol Spence he's getting beaten up by Danny

Angel warns Spence

“Listen, man. I don’t care what they say. November 21st, it’s coming back home, baby,” said Danny Garcia’s father/trainer Angel Garcia. “On November 21st, underestimate the bad guy.

“The bird coming back home on November 21st. I don’t care what you say. WBC champ. Unified IBF, get it right, said Angel. “November 21st, we’re purging.”

“I’m going to beat him up real nice,” said Angel in using a puppet to do the talking for Danny. “Real nice. Beat him up real nice.”

YouTube video

The way that Angel is taking, he sounds he knows something that we don’t know. Does Danny have a secret game plan that he’s going to use to beat Spence? Hopefully, Danny doesn’t end up like Mikey ‘I see something’ Garcia because it’s not going to have a good outcome if that’s the case.

“Danny and Spence? I’m going with Errol,” said Zab Judah to Fghthype. “Errol is a southpaw and Errol is coming up against him. The blueprint is there.

“Being in great shape, being aggressive, and letting your hands go, and it’ an easy night,” said Angel.

It sounds like Judah knows what he’s talking about in picking Spence to beat Garcia, but you can’t count Danny out. He’s got the power on his side, and his counter-punching style will create opportunities.