Teofimo Lopez will be looking to destroy Vasiliy Lomachenko on October 17th

By Boxing News - 08/29/2020 - Comments

By Sean Jones: Teofimo Lopez Sr says his son will be heading into his lightweight unification match against Vasily Lomachenko to “destroy” him on October 17 on ESPN.

The unbeaten IBF lightweight champion Lopez is going to take the fight to the two-time Olympic gold medalist Lomachenko and look to take him apart, according to trainer/father, Teofimo Sr.

Teofimo won’t make the same mistake that Canelo Alvarez made when he took on the highly skilled boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr in 2012 by choosing not to bull rush him and use his size and power to win.

Canelo chose to box Mayweather, and that cost him the fight. Lopez, 23, won’t make the same mistake. He’s going to use his size, youth, and power to go after Lomachenko from the opening round to try and take him out.

Arum hoping fans will be back by October 17

Lightweight champion Lomachenko and Lopez are currently scheduled to fight on October 17 behind closed doors at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Image: Teofimo Lopez will be looking to destroy Vasiliy Lomachenko on October 17th

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum is hoping that the U.S. government will give clearance to let fans return to sporting events by the time that WBA/WBC/WBO lightweight champion Lomachenko (14-1, 10 K.O.s) and IBF champ Lopez (15-0, 12 K.O.s) meet up in two months from now in October.

As of now, it’s unlikely that fans will be allowed back into sporting events without a vaccine being introduced in the States. There would be too much negative fallout if large groups were allowed to attend boxing matches before the election in November.

Arum is getting a little ambitious when it comes to his projections on crowds returning by October 17. We’re currently a little over a month away from October 17, and the pandemic situation is very much alive right now.

If anything, the situation could worsen by October due to the temperatures dropping by that time. It would be better for Arum to see the Lomachenko vs. Teofimo fight as taking place behind closed doors on October 17.

As long as Arum doesn’t have any expectations about the Lomachenko-Lopez fight taking place in front of boxing fans, he won’t be shocked and disappointed when the U.S. government still aren’t allowing fans by then.

What we don’t need is for Arum to postpone the Lomachenko vs. Teofimo fight a week before the October 17 when he finally realizes that crowds won’t be allowed in.

If Arum postpones the Lomachenko-Lopez fight again, fans will likely not bother to buy tickets for the fight once crowds are allowed back into the match in the future.

The fans might end up being mistrustful in the future when the Lomachenko vs. Lopez match is once again rescheduled. That’s why it’s better that Arum does not have any illusions about fans being allowed for the fight.

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Lopez will DESTROY Lomachenko, says Teofimo Sr.

“I believe my son is faster than Lomachenko, I believe my son is smarter than Lomchenko, and I believe my son is stronger,” said Teofimo Lopez Sr to A.B. Boxing News. “So he has everything to beat Lomachenko.

“Everyone knew that with Canelo going into this fight with Floyd Mayweather, it was going to be very hard. Canelo went in very heavy, and everyone knew that if Canelo was going to fight Floyd Mayweather, it was going to be [physical].

The only way Canelo could beat Floyd Mayweather was to rush him and make the fight dirty. He tried to box him, and that was his mistake.

“We’re going to go into this fight to destroy Lomachenko. It’s not going to be like Canelo and Floyd Mayweather. Everyone is going to realize come October 17 that they made a big mistake.

That will be a MAJOR shock if Lopez destroys Lomachenko like Teofimo Sr is talking about him doing on October 17. Teofimo, 23, does have the youth, speed, power, and the size to get the job done against the 32-year-old Lomachenko.

Physically, Teofimo has more than enough talent to smash Lomachenko to bits if he’s able to land enough of his power shots. But it may prove to be difficult for Lopez to land enough shots on Lomachenko’s chin to KO him. Lomachenko may be getting older, but he’s still capable of moving nonstop and changing angles.

Lopez has got to be able to hit a moving target, and it won’t be easy against a crafty fighter like Loma. Like Jose Pedraza, Luke Campbell, and Jorge Linares, Teofimo will be able to hit Lomachenko at times with his shots. He can be hit. But Teofimo will need to be able to hit Lomachenko with enough power to knock him out because he’s NOT going to win a decision.

Image: Teofimo Lopez will be looking to destroy Vasiliy Lomachenko on October 17th

That’s not going to happen. Teofimo won’t be able to outbox a talented fighter like Lomachenko, and he’ll be wasting his time if he even attempts to do that.

Porter won’t be shocked if Teofimo wins

“I needed that to happen. It’s going to be the fight for the year,” said Shawn Porter to Fighthub in reacting to the news of the Lomachenko vs. Teofimo fight now official. “I’m not picking a winner, but I think Lopez is explosive, I think he’s fast, he’s sharp, but I don’t think he’s seen all of it in the ring.

“I don’t think he’s going to be all the way ready for a fighter like Lomachenko,” Porter said of Teofimo. “He’s [Lopez] young, he’s vibrant, he’s ready, and that’s a dangerous combination.

“Loma, I think we know what we’re going to get with Loma. He’s going to come out, figure out his rhythm, and figure out what’s going to do.

“Nope,” said Porter when asked if it would shock him if Teofimo beats Loma. “I think he’s a good fighter. Shakur Stevenson is literally right behind him [Lopez]. Not far off at all.

“They’re both very polished, but there’s something about Teofimo. But don’t get me wrong; there’s something about Shakur Stevenson too.

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“In this fight with Loma, I do like this fight up and down. I think it’s going to be a great fight. you’re delivering great news to be right now,” said Porter in learning that the Lomachenko vs. Lopez fight is a done deal. ”

Lomachenko has been taking more and more punishment since he moved up to 135 in 2018. That’s obviously the reason why he’s interested in moving back down to super featherweight where they don’t hit as hard.

If Lomachenko stays at 135 for too much longer, he’s going to get beaten, and he may get knocked out. Lomachenko isn’t going to be able to fight for the eight-year into his 40s at lightweight without getting beaten. He’s 32, and he’s not a young-looking 32-year-old.

While guys like Shawn Porter think Teofimo is a little too inexperienced to beat Loma, it may not matter. Leon Spinks was inexperienced when he beat Muhammad Ali. Spinks beat Ali because of his youth and activity. It happens. An old lion gets taken down by a younger lion that has more youth, power, and size.

Lopez’s rather Teofimo Sr says he’ll be the same size as Lomachenko on October 17, and that maybe the case. But where Teofimo will have the advantage of Loma is in the power, speed, and youth.

Image: Teofimo Lopez will be looking to destroy Vasiliy Lomachenko on October 17th

Teofimo doesn’t need to be bigger than Lomachenko for him to beat him. Just being younger, faster, and stronger will be able to get the job done if he can land his shots.