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Devin Haney has A few different possibilities for next fight

Image: Devin Haney has A few different possibilities for next fight

By Kenneth Friedman: Devin Haney says that his management has several different possibilities they’re looking at for the next title defense of his WBC lightweight title. Haney, 21, isn’t saying who the potential opponents are, but it won’t be hard for him to find a taker.

His promoter Eddie Hearn plans on bringing Devin (24-0, 15 KOs) back in October in a big show.

Haney says he would like to fight one of these guys: Javier Fortuna, Jorge Linares, or Luke Campbell. He feels that beating one of those fighters would lead to the more significant contests that he wants against Ryan Garcia, Gervonta Davis, and Vasiliy Lomachenko.

As far as getting fights against the Top Rank promoted Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez, the 22-year-old Haney isn’t optimistic about that happening. He believes that they don’t want to see him becoming a superstar by beating one of the Top Rank fighters.

It’s not looking like Haney will be getting a fight with Teofimo or Lomachenko anytime soon, but you can always hope things could change. If Haney becomes a superstar, then Top Rank won’t hesitate to match their fighters against him.

It’s essential that Haney get back into the ring soon, as he hasn’t fought since beating Alfredo Santiago last November. Haney suffered a shoulder injury in that fight in defeating Santiago by a 12 round decision. He’s since had surgery, and he’s fully recovered.

If Haney fights in October, he’ll have been out of the ring for 11 months since his fight with Santiago. The shoulder injury and pandemic cost Haney dearly, resulting in him losing a year of his career.

Devin not sure who his next opponent will be

“As of now, we don’t know,” said Haney to Fighthype on his next fight. “We are cooking up something. We don’t know exactly who it’s going to be, but we’re looking at a few different guys.

“I always say I’m ready to fight the top guys. I’m available for whoever it is. I just want the world to know that I’m not ducking or dodging nobody. Any fight that didn’t happen; it’s not because of Devin.

Image: Devin Haney has A few different possibilities for next fight

“I’m willing to fight whoever, whenever, wherever. That’s pretty much it, and that’s how it is. Whoever I fight, I’m going to go in there and be victorious and dominate. So if it was Campbell, Fortuna, Linares, whoever, I will go in there and dominate them.

“I don’t pick or chose anybody. My whole career, I never chose my opponent. I always ask for the best. Give me the best I can possibly fight. A lot of guys turn me down. Anybody that was available, that was the best guy that was available.

“I’m 21-years-old, and I’m still at the beginning of my career. I understand, and I know that. I got a long career ahead of me,” said Haney.

Well, it’s not going to be Luke Campbell or Ryan Garcia that Haney faces next, considering those two are expected to fight. The way Haney is talking, his promoter Eddie Hearn already has someone in mind for his title defense in October.

These fighters could be potential options for Haney

  • Lee Selby
  • Yvan Mendy
  • Terry Flanagan
  • Felix Verdejo

Haney: I don’t need Lomachenko to become a star

“I’ve said this before. If I don’t get Lomachenko, I don’t need Lomachenko to be a massive star,” said Devin. “Do I want to fight him? Yes. Do I want to fight Gervonta Davis, do I want to fight Teofimo Lopez, do I want to fight the champions, and do I want to go to 140 and fight the top guys?

“Of course. I’m willing to fight whoever and whenever, but when the time comes. If I can’t get those guys, then I’m going to get the best guys available. I don’t even like to say that,” said Haney when asked if he’d like to knock out Luke Campbell. ”

“And I said the other day that I would KO Linares. I know I’m going to be victorious no matter what. If I knock Luke Campbell out, so be it. If I don’t, I will dominate. Will I go in there and dominate Luke Campbell? Yes. Will I dominate Linares? Yes.

“I’ve sparred Linares. You know, sparring is different. It was a while back. I was younger. I’m not saying that played a toll in it as far as my work, but I’m a much better fighter than when I sparred him. I was about 18-years-old when I sparred him. It’s a totally different monster now.

“It’s different with eight-ounce gloves, and I understand that. If we eventually do fight, the world will see,” said Haney.

In Devin’s last fight against Alfredo Santiago, he didn’t dominate him or even come close to it. That’s why it’s hard to buy into what Haney says when he talks about dominating Linares and Campbell. Those would be tough fights for Haney.

Haney says he doesn’t need Lomachenko to become a superstar, but it sure would help. A win for Haney over Lomachenko would speed up the process of him becoming a star in boxing. Lomachenko isn’t free right now, and he may lose his next fight against IBF lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez.

Devin thinks he won’t get credit if he beats Linares

“On paper, yeah. Linares would be the best,” said Devin.
Luke Campbell would be the best on paper,” said Haney when asked if Linares would be the best fighter he’s fought during his career if he faces. “But if I go in there and knock him out in one round, they’ll say he’s not this or not that.

“So we just got to see. Styles make fights, and sparring is different than an actual battle. What they do say is what you do in the gym is what you do in a fight, so we just got to see.

“When it’s a big fight, he shows up,” said Haney in explaining why Linares sometimes loses. “He showed up against Lomachenko and showed up for DeMarco and gave him a great fight. He’s a better fighter than DeMarco now. He showed up against Luke Campbell.

“Maybe he takes some guys lightly, or whatever the case may be. Against Devin Haney, it would be totally different. I want to fight the best guys possible. If I fight Luke Campbell, and I can go into the bigger and better guys like Gervonta and Ryan Garcia,” Haney continued.

If Devin beats Jorge Linares, he’ll get a ton of credit from the boxing world, seeing that he will have beaten a household name. Linares is well known in the U.S, and he’s a former three-division world champion as well.

Image: Devin Haney has A few different possibilities for next fight

Haney would like Campbell fight

“Then I would love that, but if I have to settle for a Linares or Fortuna, then I will,” said Devin Haney. “A fight with Fortuna, it didn’t happen because of me. It wasn’t my fault the fight didn’t happen. I wanted the fight. As soon as I was freed to fight and my shoulder was healed and everything, I said, ‘Bring Fortuna on.’

“It doesn’t matter to me. I’ll fight anybody. Fortuna may be an easier fight, or Campbell may be an easier fight. I got to get in there and see. I’m blessed to be in the position I’m in.

“I’m in a good position. And I’m ready for these big fights, and it seems like these big fights are here, and I’m ready to go in there and shine,” said Haney.

Campbell would love to fight for a world title against Haney if possible, but that might not realistic right now. We’re going to have to wait and see what transpires with Ryan Garcia in terms of his WBO ordered fight against Campbell.

Haney and Campbell were supposed to fight for the vacant WBC 135-pound title in 2019, but Lomachenko spoiled those plans.

The winner of the Linares vs. Fortuna fight would be a great option for Linares in 2020 if he’s still in possession of the WBC lightweight title.

Haney never received an offer from Teofimo Lopez

“I didn’t receive any offer,” said Haney about Teofimo Lopez. “It just shows that he’s a liar. He’s got his hands full with Lomachenko. I wish him the best in that fight, and hopefully, we can get it on.

“And I don’t think Bob Arum wants to give me the opportunity to become a mega-star because he knows if I go in there and beat Loma, the sky’s the limit. I cash my own checks.

“It’s a totally different mindset when it comes to Devin Haney, but that just shows the world how much of a threat I am and how much skills and talent that I have. Now the world will finally get a chance to see that.

Image: Devin Haney has A few different possibilities for next fight

“I think the time has arisen where the world will see me dominate one of these top guys or so-called top guys. I’m in this game to make money, of course, and provide for my family. But it’s different. I want to become a mega-star, and I want to be remembered forever.

“And I want people to know who Devin Haney is. I don’t just want to be known as a guy that won a lot of belts. ‘That boxers over there, he looks like a boxer. We don’t know his name, but we’ve seen him before.’

“I don’t want to be that. And I want to be a mega-star. I want my name to be remembered forever. That’s why nobody my age has done what I’ve done in my career. This is the beginning. The world will get a chance to see,” said Haney.

That’s too bad that Teofimo and Haney couldn’t put a fight together, because there were a lot of fans interested in that matchup.

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