David Allen: I’d beat Mike Tyson

By Boxing News - 05/19/2020 - Comments

By Charles Brun: British domestic level heavyweight David Allen says he would beat 53-year-old Mike Tyson, and he feels that he shouldn’t come out of retirement. Allen admits that it would be sad if he beat Tyson because he’s not on the same level as him.

Allen’s best career wins have come against David Price and former WBA heavyweight champion Lucas ‘Big Daddy’ Browne.

The former heavyweight unified champion Tyson (50-6, 44 KOs) hasn’t said anything about wanting to resume his career in true professional level fights. Tyson wants to fight in exhibition matches and give away the money to charity.

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Mike Tyson could be facing Shannon Briggs next

Tyson’s first opponent for exhibition charity fight could be former WBO heavyweight champion Shannon ‘The Cannon’ Briggs (60-6, 53 KOs). On Monday, Briggs revealed to DAZN that he’s in negotiations to face Tyson in his first exhibition fight.

The ‘White Rhino’ Allen (18-5, 15 KOs) can punch with both hands, but he’s slow of hand and foot. Moreover, Allen’s is poor defensively, and he’s not someone that can be counted on to block punches.

Allen recently signed with MTK Global and stopped journeyman Dorian Darch (12-12-1, 1 KOs) in the third round on February 8 in Sheffield, England.

 “A lot of people would laugh at this, but this is the facts. I’d beat a 53-year-old Mike Tyson,” said Allen to Talksport.com. “And that is the saddest thing any boxing fan wants to hear. For that reason alone, he should never box again.”

If Tyson did lose to a fighter like Allen, he would likely retire on the spot, and never fight again. However, he has no intention of fighting Allen for apparent reasons. It wouldn’t sell to the U.S boxing public, which is where Tyson will be fighting.

Price easily beat Allen

As far as beating Tyson, the only thing we can go by is how Dave looked in his recent fights, what we saw of Allen in his defeats to David Price, Tony Yoka, Luis Ortiz. Lenroy Thomas and Dillian Whyte, he wouldn’t beat Tyson.

The guys that Tyson will be fighting will probably well-known fighters, who the Americans will be interested in seeing. In other words, Tyson will likely be fighting former world champions with talent. The last time I checked, Allen isn’t a former world champion, and he’s NOT a household name in the States.

Given the way that the 6’8″ David Price dominated Allen last July, it’s doubtful that Allen could beat Mike Tyson. Price, who has a chin problem, out-boxed Allen, forcing him to quit in the 10th.

The brief clip of Tyson working out on the mitts showed a fighter that still has explosive power and hand speed. Allen has not faced anyone with that kind of speed and power before, and he might be overwhelmed by right away.

During Tyson’s career, he often obligated 2nd tier fodder level fighters in the first round by unloading on them. You can argue that Allen fits the definition of being a fodder-level guy.

Perhaps the only way that Allen beats Tyson is if he absorbs punishment long enough for him to exhaust himself. Once Tyson is tired, then Allen could then tee off on him and knock him out the way that Kevin McBride and Danny Williams both did.

Allen can take a good punch. He lasted ten rounds against Dillian Whyte and seven rounds in a loss to Luis Ortiz. However, both of those fighters were slow and lethargic-looking with the way they were hitting Allen.

In Whyte’s case, he was coming off of shoulder surgery on his left shoulder, and he wasn’t punching with the same authority with that arm as he had previously. Even now, Tyson is a bigger puncher than Whyte and Ortiz, and, course, he’s much faster than them.

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