Tyson Fury lectures on ‘Instagram vs. Reality’

By Boxing News - 01/08/2020 - Comments

By Jeff Aronow: Tyson Fury felt the need on Wednesday to let his viewers know that the imagine that viewers see of him on his Instagram of him enjoying his riches isn’t the reality.

Heavyweight lineal champion Fury wants to make it clear that he’s not living the life of a rich person, sitting in a hot tub with his expensive watch. With a net worth of approximately $40 million, according to Wealthygorilla, Fury has a lot of reasons for him to be mentally losing interest in the sport.

In a troubling sign that Fury is starting to lose his focus and love for boxing, he complained about how “BORING” and “REPETITIVE” his training camp is. Fury makes it clear that he’s not really into his training and it’s understandable why.

Boxing fans have gotten the impression that the mountains of money that Fury (29-0-1, 20 KOs) has gotten recently has taken away his ambition to work hard.

Fury wants fans to know he’s working hard

According to Fury, the truth is he’s working hard in training camp in putting in grueling sessions to get ready for his February 22 rematch against WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (42-0-1, 41 KOs).

For Fury’s sake, he’d better be taking his rematch with Wilder seriously, because he could wind up getting knocked out next month. Fury and Wilder will be fighting on February 22 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

“Hey, this is Tyson Fury AKA ‘The Gypsy King’, and I’m checking in from Paradise, Nevada, and it would seem that I’m in a hot tub, palm trees, blue skies in Las Vegas, living the dreams, Rolex on, sunglasses on. But in reality, I’m not on Instagram, I’m in a grueling training camp,” said Fury on his Instagram.

Since boxing fans have no way of seeing what’s going on in Fury’s training camps, they have to take his word for it that he’s working hard. If he is, that’s great, but if this is just him talking, then he could be in trouble when he faces Wilder.

It may not matter whether Fury is working hard or not. Wilder’s right hand punching power is so devastating that it literally doesn’t matter how great of shape he comes into this fight. When a person gets hit with one of Wilder’s sledge-hammer right hands, conditioning doesn’t help.

The human body wasn’t designed to be hit by a fighter like Wilder. We saw that loud in clear in Wilder’s last two fights against Luis Ortiz and Dominic Breazeale. Those two fighters did well until Wilder caught them with his right hand bombs, and knocked them out.

Fury complaining about his training being boring

“And really, it’s boring, and repetitive every day, but Instragram will make it seem like I’m having a wail of a time, enjoying myself, living the dream, everything is fantastic,” said Fury. “But in reality, I’m getting worked to the bone every single day, and I’m getting smashed session after session.

“I’m in the recovery pool, because my joints are smashed, and I need the recovery. So whatever you see on Instagram, and whatever people’s lives that you’re trying to influence and takes things from, remember this, the grass is not always greener on the other side. Anything good in life comes from hard work,” said Fury.

Tyson says he’s working hard, but he might be just going through the motions. It’s got to be hard to put in the blood, sweat and tears in training camp if you’d rather be enjoying all that cash. In a lot of ways, Fury is now in the same boat that Andy Ruiz Jr. is in.

As we saw in Ruiz’s last fight against Anthony Joshua, he came into the match out of shape and unmotivated. He was too busy enjoying his wealth to work hard in preparing for the rematch with Joshua, and it cost him big time.


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