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Wilder says Fury’s cut will open up immediately when he hits him

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By Barry Holbrook: Deontay Wilder says that Tyson Fury’s bad cut that he suffered against Otto Wallin is open right back up when he hits him in their rematch on February 22. WBC heavyweight champion Wilder (41-0-1, 40 KOs) states that Fury can use Super Glu, Cement Glue or even staples on his cut right eye, it’s not going to keep him from popping it right back open with a big shot.

Tyson Fury’s cut needed 47 stitches to close

Fury (29-0-1, 20 KOs) needed 47 stitches to close up the cut that he suffered in the 3rd round against Wallin. It was a horrible cut, and there are a lot of boxing fans that are why the ringside allowed Fury to fight under this condition. Some feel that there was too much money that has been poured into Fury by Top Rank and ESPN for him to lose to Wallin on a cut. Fury is being paid a lot of money, and his rematch with Wilder in February is expected to bring in lots of dough on pay-per-view. Some fans argue that the money from the Wilder-Fury rematch will be a return on Top Rank and ESPN’s investment in the 6’9″ Fury.

Fans say Vitali Klitschko returned to action 6 months after suffering bad cut against Lennox Lewis

Despite the severity of the cut, Fury’s promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank still wants him to fight Wilder on February 22. That is an extremely fast turn around for a fight with the kind of cut that Fury suffered. Fury’s boxing fans argue that former WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko returned to the ring six months after suffering a terrible cut that required 60 stitches in his 6th round stoppage loss to WBA/WBC heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis in June 2003.

Klitschko came back from that cut to stop Kirk Johnson in the 2nd round six months later in December 2003. However, that was a total mismatch with Vitali destroying Johnson without barely getting hit. Fury is likely going to get hit  a lot by Wilder when he faces him five months.  This probably won’t be a Klitschko vs. Johnson type of fight. Fury will need to take a lot of punishment for him to win a 12 round decision, which is basically the only he can beat Wilder. Vitali’s first real fight after he sustained his cut was over a year later when he fought Corrie Sanders in 2004.

Wilder to fight Ortiz, Fury and Ruiz in that order

“I’m looking for Ortiz, Fury and Ruiz,” said Wilder to Thaboxingvoice in talking about his next three fights. “That’s how I want it to go. I’m going back to back to back. Yeah, there’s a rematch clause in that, but he’s not going to exercise that after I whoop his a– a second time, and knock him out again. You ain’t got to worry about that. It’s not even going to be in play. He don’t even want to fight now. That’s why he ran away from the rematch,” said Wilder about Fury choosing not to fight him in immediate rematch.

“Over time people start seeing things, especially with his last performance. A lot of things. You could tell with his body movement, and his body structure. It wasn’t the same,” said Wilder about Fury not looking like the same fighter he once was in his recent fight against Otto Wallin last Saturday. “I know he was trying to beat up on this guy. It’s [Fury’s body] is wearing down, especially when Wallin hit him with that left hook in the 12th round. It was that left hook that hurt him. When he hit him with that left hook, that was the game changer right there,” said Wilder.

Wilder doesn’t expect Fury to exercise the rematch clause to force a third fight with him after he gets through with him on February 22. Deontay says he’s going to whip Fury, and then he won’t want to fight him again. Indeed, Fury cannot afford to absorb two knockout losses against Wilder. If Fury gets knocked out quickly in their rematch in February, his promoters at Top Rank will surely steer him to safer waters to safeguard their investment.


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Wilder: Fury’s cut is the worst he’s seen since Klitschko’s fight with Lewis

“He’s very vulnerable. When he gets hit on the chin, it’s a wrap,” said Wilder. “Otto Wallin was doing a great job up to that point, especially when he cut him over the eye. I was telling, I thought he was going to get a stoppage. It looked like it was three inches wide and two inches deep. That’s the worst cut besides the [Vitali] Klitschko and Lennox [Lewis] fight. That was the worst cut I’ve seen in my life. I called Al, and said, ‘They about to stop this fight.’ It was crazy. I was telling Al, this Otto Wallin, if this guy’s smart and knows what he’s doing, he got to irritate that cut even more. He got that cut that deep and wide open, you must attack.

“So he started doing a lot of things, and you could tell his trainer had some old school tactics. He came out with a certain mindset to go in there after the cut. So he was doing a lot of stuff. He was putting him in a head-lock, and he was putting sweat on it, and rubbing his head on it.

Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury 2: FOX Sports and ESPN offer extensive preview programming

At one point he tried to grab his eye socket and snatch that mother-f— out of there. I like that part, but when he hit him with a left hook, he hurt him. Fury’s whole momentum changed. It was the point where Fury was trying to shake himself out of there. But Otto Wallin wasn’t experienced enough to stand and recognize what he did. If he did, he would have got him out of there before,” said Wilder.

A lot of boxing fans are comparing Fury’s cut with the one that Vitali Klitschko suffered against Lennox Lewis 16 years ago in 2003. That fight was stopped though.

Fury’s cut is going to pop right back open once I hit it says Wilder

“When you’ve been in there with a person before, you see a lot of things,” said Wilder. “I can’t wait. I hope they heal well, and I can’t wait to see Mr. Fury. That’s not my problem if he’s ready or not. He signed the contract. That’s his problem. He better get ready. No matter what he does, when he fights me, it’s [the cut] is going to open right back up. I’m going to pop it right back open. He can get plastic surgery, duck tape or staples, Super Glu or Hot Glu, Cement Glu. S–t, he can go get some of that Flex Glu. It ain’t even going to matter.

“I would do that, but we’re not going to beg nobody to do nothing,” said Wilder about him wanting Fury to step aside so that he can fight the Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz Jr. winner. “I’m a warrior, bro. I’m a King, and my mentality is savage. If so be it. If the man wants to get his a– whooped in the ring, then so be it. I tried to give him another road. And I tried to give him what he talked about the first time when he said, ‘Why don’t you and Joshua fight, and I can come back.’ I’m only giving him what he asked for. Most of these guys get what they ask for,” said Wilder.

There’s a very good chance that Fury’s cut will open up once Wilder starts hitting him with right hand. The best best thing that Fury has going for him though is the cut is to his right eye.

Wilder says some don’t want him to “attain glory” of unifying heavyweight division

“Now that I’m coming around, you’re talking about something else,” said Wilder. “So be it. You have it your way. Either way it goes, I’m going to get what I want. I’m going to eat. My time to eat is in the ring. However, when it comes, it comes, but I’m going to eat regardless. These guys with their tactics in the boxing game. They’re so prima-donnas.

You can have it your way. I just want to have the biggest fights as possible, and unify the division. I’m trying to do it as quick as possible to give the fans something to say. We can have an undefeated unified champion of the world. A lot of guys don’t want to see me do that. They don’t want to see me attain that glory, and have my hand raised, ‘I did it.’ I want to see boxing stay great, and be great,” said Wilder.

It’s not up to Fury to decide when his rematch with Wilder will take place. Top Rank is making the decision, and they obviously don’t want to continue putting Fury in with no name fighters for the duration of his contract. He’s got to fight someone good in order to bring them a return on their investment, and that’s where Wilder comes in. If the Wilder-Fury rematch brings in a massive amount of pay-per-view buys in February, it’ll be a great deal for Top Rank to have signed him.

With Wilder being a right-handed fighter, most of his shots will likely be hitting Fury on his left eye. Unless Wilder targets Fury’s right eye, he’ll be hitting him with the left eye.

Wilder vs. Ortiz will be announced soon says Deontay

“The announcement is coming just like any announcement. You want to do it on a certain platform,” said Wilder about the upcoming announcement for his rematch with Luis Ortiz. “We’ve got a big fight coming up, and they’ll hear the announcements,” said Wilder to Thaboxingvoice about his rematch with Luis Ortiz being announced soon. “It’ll be coming soon, and they’ll have a date and place where it’ll be at. So no one has to worry.

“Yeah, you can look for an announcement around that time for sure for people to get their arrangements in order for them to book their flights and hotels, and get everything situated,” said Wilder about his November 23 rematch with Ortiz likely to be announced during the September 28th fight between Errol Spence Jr. and Shawn Porter on Fox Sports Pay-Per-View.

“These things take time. I know fans want to rush, but they’ll come. Some things can’t take place in a timely manner when we want them to. I’m looking forward to Ortiz 2, and looking forward to getting one step closer to unifying the heavyweight division. After Ortiz, it’ll be Fury, and After Fury, it’ll be [Andy] Ruiz. I’m going to go ahead and call it. I think Ruiz is going to beat [Anthony] Joshua, and when he do, it’ll be me and him,” said Wilder.

Luis Ortiz is a risky fight for Wilder, but this is what he wanted. He didn’t have to fight Ortiz again.  This was Wilder’s decision to take this fight.

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