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Same ole AB

Image: Same ole AB

By Jermill Pennington: Nothing to worry about, it’ll be the same ole Adrien Broner we’ve come to despise come April 21st. How I know this you ask? Good question, however let briefly recap this emotional journey ole AB has taken me on over the years.

It’s been a relationship. A relationship with a person that when you first meet them, the individual was full of charm and talent. You could say love at first sight, he reminded me of relationships of the past, looked like those of the past and could talk the talk as good as any.

Early on he had flashes of brilliance, the type of power and explosiveness rarely seen, admittedly I was head over heels. I thought this would be a love affair that would stand the test of time, what was also great is around this time I was still in a relationship with AB’s “big brother” Floyd Mayweather.

How good could a boxing fan have it? Broner was basically Mayweather 2.0, it seemed we’d just hand the torch to ole AB and keep the train moving when Mayweather retires rather seamlessly, seemed to be a great plan for all at the time. Mayweather was on board, Broner was calling him big bro and looking the part, it was great!

You ever known someone who’s two weeks in to a relationship with someone and they’re already telling you this person is the greatest thing since sliced bread, that was me. In times like this it’s great to have a trusted friend that can pull you to the side and say, “hey man, you barely know her, give it some time,” unfortunately most of my friends were also fooled by what seemed familiar to them.

It’s almost like something you see in the WWE, all the wrestlers have a character attached. Take Stone Cold Steve Austin for example. His character is targeted to appeal to the bad a$$ in us all, I can’t speak for you but Stone Cold certainly makes me want to tell someone where to shove it. Same rules apply for ole AB, his character, the ole hip hop, Allen Iverson, F the world, unapologetic, cringe worthy African American villain.

And guess what, this mold works, and was working to absolute perfection. Keep it real, you (who’s reading this) either hated Broner, or loved him, if it’s safe to go with the adage that just as many people pay to see you lose as there are to see you win, then you see where I’m going with this.

It was going exceedingly well and according to plan until Marcos Maidana. Even in the loss Broner still maintained status due to putting up a valiant effort. So, regarding our relationship it was like having someone cancel a date, but you Facetime all night, so you know they’re not out creeping on you.

Following Maidana came a trilogy of confidence redeemers in the fashion of Carlos Molina, Emmanuel Taylor and John Molina. The trust was back, and you know what they say, “what’s a relationship without trust.” Then came time for another step up in comp in Shawn Porter. Have you ever been in a position in a relationship where the person you’re dating just didn’t put enough effort in to something? Whether it be career, school family etc. It can sometimes be a turnoff, right? Just that lack of effort, the will and determination you’d like to see out of someone was not there in that fight for Adrien Broner. I left feeling he could have given more.

Then came another trilogy of redeemers, Khabib Allakhverdiev, Ashley Theophane and Adrian Granandos, who arguably beat Broner. So here we are again, another step-up fight. You know that point in a relationship where you’ve basically checked out, but you’re just waiting for that person to do one more thing, however small it is you’re going to make it reason to officially call things off? That’s where I am.

One day I was scrolling twitter and came across this Gervonta Davis and Adrien Broner training camp YouTube deal. Wasn’t the first time I had seen it on the timeline. However, I’d passed it several times knowing there wouldn’t be much other than mind numbing rhetoric for the most part. However, it was a slow morning, so I gave it a go.

Well I was right. It was mind numbing rhetoric, but I noticed something else. In Broner‘s sparring it seemed to get really physical, to the point of seeming to be personal. Broner then said something that I won’t try to detail but it lent to wanting to do more harm to the gentlemen than one could accomplish inside a boxing ring.

Look, all I’m saying is after all the trail and tribulation the young man has endured in his young life you’d think he would have learned a lesson. But no, it’s the same ole AB. You ever been in a relationship where the person always said all the right things? They promised after ever misstep that next time would be different. They seemed genuine and remorseful, and time after time you forgave them until one day you just knew that’s who they are? That’s where I am.

Goodbye AB, I know you won’t throw combinations, though you’ve promised you will time after time. I know you’re not focused on training, thought you’ve said you are time after time. You ever care about someone more than they seem to care about themselves, that were I am, Goodbye AB.

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