Roy Jones Jr. stops fan in two rounds

By Boxing News - 03/21/2016 - Comments

By Jim Dower: Former multiple world champion Roy Jones Jr. (63-9, 46 KOs) had an easy time tonight defeating fan Vyron Philips in the 2nd round in their fight at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Arizona.

Philips, 33, was selected from 1,500 entries to compete with Jones Jr. in a contest with a prize of $100,000 if he could beat the 47-year-old Jones. In the 2nd round, Jones hurt Philips with a right hand to the head. Moments later, Jones dropped Philips with a right hand to the head.

In 1st round, Jones toyed with Philips, and appeared to be taking it easy with him. However, in the last seconds of the round, Jones hurt Philips with a nice shot to the head from a right. Philips made out of the round, but he looked in bad shape.

If Jones is going to take part in other contests in the future against fans, then they’re going to need to select more talented fans with a boxing background. You’re not going to be able to find fans that are capable of beating former world champions no matter how old Jones Jr. is. They need better opposition for Jones if he’s going to be doing more of these fights in the future.

Philips looked like he didn’t know what he was doing in the ring. In the sequence where Jones knocked him out, Philips put a half-hearted effort into throwing a right hand that Jones easily got out of the way of. Jones then fired back a perfect right hand to knock Philips down. I wouldn’t say that Philips looked like this was the first time that he’d ever laced up a pair of gloves, but he didn’t have the look of someone that was trained and knew what he was doing. There’s different tiers in boxing. At 47, Jones is clearly a 2nd tier fighter at this point in his career. In looking at Philips, I’d say he’s a 4th tier guy. He’s a 33-year-old novice. He clearly didn’t belong in the same ring with the aging Jones. This would have likely been a mismatch even if Jones was in his 60s.

Jones was coming off of a 4th round knockout in his last fight against Enzo Maccarinelli in December of last year in Moscow, Russia. Jones recently became a citizen of Russia, and that was his first fight in his new country. It’s too bad Jones didn’t fight the fan Philips in Russia, because that would have been the ideal opponent for him.

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