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Weights: Frampton 121.7, Quigg 121.6

frampton54444By Scott Gilfoid: Well, they were wrong about IBF super bantamweight champion Carl Frampton (21-0, 14 KOs) not being able to make weight for Saturday’s unification fight against WBA belt holder Scott Quigg (31-0-2, 23 KOs) at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, UK.

Like a true professional, Frampton weighed in at 121.7lbs, and didn’t look weight drained or anything. For his part, the 27-year-old Quigg looked painfully thin with dark circles around both of his eyes. He made weight at 1216lbs, but he looked dreadful like it had been total ordeal for him to make the weight.

It is obviously a bad sign in how emaciated Quigg looked. Now you can chock that up to maybe Quigg over-training for the fight, or more likely him just putting on too much weight and needing to cut down in the last week. Whatever the case, it’s definitely not a good thing, and I expect that to effect Quigg negatively on Saturday night.

Quigg’s promoter Eddie Hearn kept his hands off Frampton during the weigh-in event, which was a good thing because he grabbed him the way before when the two fighters briefly got into a brief skirmish during the face off. However, Hearn appeared to be jawing at Frampton during the stare down at the weigh-in and while the two fighters were posing.

Frampton briefly looked at Hearn, and then turned away, as if ignoring an annoying fly that was buzzing about. Frampton wasn’t even going to lower himself to respond back to whatever Hearn was squawking about to him.

I did notice that Frampton’s manager Barry McGuigan was standing in close to the fighters during the weigh-in and face. McGuigan looked poised to jump in and make sure his fighter Frampton was not pawed again by Hearn if something went down. That is a good thing.

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At least Frampton would not have had Hearn freely grabbing and pawing him like the day before if something went down. With McGuigan there and standing close by, Frampton would have had him to run interference in case Hearn started getting grabby again. The last thing you want is your fighter being grabbed by the opposing fighter’s promoter during an altercation. McGuigan was there and he looked determined to end anything that started.

Quigg and Frampton had a long face-off after the weigh-in. It went on so long that finally someone from Frampton’s team broke it up and got him to turn away. Quigg looked triumphant, like he had just some useless contest. It was so pointless, laughable and ridiculous though. Frampton would have kept standing there for the end of time if his team member had not broken his concentration.

Immediately after that, Quigg jumped in front of Frampton while they were supposed to be standing side by side to pose for pictures. Frampton stayed calm through this brief insult, and he then put a pair of rabbit ears behind the head of Quigg while he was standing and posing.

Even McGuigan started forward to add his own rabbit ears. In the meantime, Hearn had a sour look on his face, as if he did not like what was going on with Frampton and McGuigan. But how can you blame them? Quigg was hogging the limelight with the way that he was standing in front of Frampton and not letting him pose for pictures.

It was a classless move by Quigg, and he’s lucky that Frampton didn’t shove him forcefully aside. I would have done that and I would have made sure I was able to pose for my loyal fans. Immediately after Quigg walked away with a big smirk on his face, Frampton started posing for his fans and showing how trim his waistline was.

The fans really ate it up and cheered much more than they did for Quigg. That tells me that the fans were pro-Frampton at the weigh-in, which is surprising because the fight is taking place in Manchester rather than Northern Ireland where Frampton is from.

In theory, the fans should have been cheering like mad for Quigg. Maybe they didn’t like his classless behavior moments before. It’s hard to say. My guess is the fans just like Frampton better and want to make sure they’re backing the winning horse on Saturday. I heard more than a few boos for Quigg when he was posing afterwards and during the weigh-in. He definitely didn’t have the fans on his side.

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