Joshua vs. Chisora possible for EBU strap, says Sauerland

chisora5By Scott Gilfoid: Dereck Chisora’s promoter Kalle Sauerland believes that there is a chance that the European Boxing Union could order a fight between Chisora (25-5, 17 KOs) and Anthony Joshua (15-0, 15 KOs) to fight for the EBU heavyweight title if the current champion Robert Helenius chooses to vacate his title.

Sauerland is in negotiations right now for a fight between Helenius and Chisora, but he’s hearing from his sources that Helenius may vacate and instead choose to go after one of the world titles rather than defend the EBU strap. As such, Sauerland is hoping the EBU orders Joshua to face Chisora for their EBU strap.

Joshua reportedly is interested in winning the EBU title before he moves forward to looking for a world title shot. He already won the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles. The EBU would be next in line.

“If Helenius gives up the belt then…The next one in the rankings is Joshua, so it would come down to a Chisora-Joshua fight. In the UK,” Sauerland said to “It’s all speculation at the moment because as it stands, the rumors of Helenius vacating are only that and we’re still going to a purse bid tomorrow… but strong indications are that they’ve got cold feet.”

It sounds like a lot of desperate speculation on Sauerland’s part. Helenius might not vacate his EBU title, and if he doesn’t, then Chisora is in deep, deep trouble. I don’t think he can beat a healthy Helenius. Heck, Chisora lost to a one-armed Helenius five years ago in their fight in 2011. Helenius had a shoulder injury, and yet he still beat the short, slow and easy to hit Chisora.

If Helenius doesn’t give up his EBU title, then Sauerland needs to think seriously about having Chisora swerve that fight because it’s too dangerous for a limited guy like him in my view. Chisora is now bottom ranked at #15 IBF. The last thing he needs is to lose to Helenius and then have any chance that he could have for a world title shot dashed completely.

Chisora showed up at the Charles Martin – Vyacheslav Glazkov post-fight press conference last Saturday night and called out Martin for a world title fight. Martin’s management told Chisora to have Sauerland call them to discuss a possible fight. It’s unclear whether that phone call was made. If it was, then you have to wonder why Sauerland is talking about hoping to get a fight against Joshua for Chisora.

It would seem to me that fighting the 6’5” Martin would be the better fight for Chisora because if he won the IBF title, he could use it as bait for a fight against Joshua. But then again, if Martin’s management were not interested in fighting Chisora, then I could understand why Sauerland would be talking up a fight between Chisora and Joshua.

“The [Chisora-Joshua] fight would be imminent because it would be ordered. It would then be up to us to agree a deal with Matchroom, and we have a very close working relationship,” Sauerland said.

If Joshua wants a fight against Chisora, then there shouldn’t have to be so much emphasis on the EBU title being on the line. Personally, I don’t think Joshua really wants the Chisora fight because there’s no upside in taking it. Chisora hasn’t beaten anyone of quality in many years, and he’s mainly just beating fodder opposition at this point in his career. Chisora, 32, has won his last five fights since his 10th round stoppage loss to Tyson Fury in 2014, but all of his opponents have been the weak variety.

What I’m wondering is why isn’t Sauerland looking to put Chisora in with Dillian Whyte? That’s a fight that is available to him, as Whyte is saying he’s interested in facing Chisora. Is there a problem there? Does Chisora and Sauerland not fancy the fight and feel like they’re up for the job?

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