Joshua hoping to KO Cornish in first minute of 1st round on Saturday

By Boxing News - 09/07/2015 - Comments

joshua9913By Scott Gilfoid: Anthony Joshua (13-0, 13 KOs) is hoping that he can get unbeaten Gary Cornish (21-0, 12 KOs) out of there in the first minute of the 1st round on Saturday, September 12th in their fight for the vacant Commonwealth heavyweight title at the O2 Arena in London, England.

Joshua, 25, likes the idea of blowing out the big 6’7” in the first minute in front of the big crowd supporters. Of Joshua’s 13 knockouts on his resume, he has 4 knockouts in the 1st round. None of the 6’6” Joshua’s opponents have made it past the 3rd round in his last five fights.

“If I can get Cornish out of there in the first minute, I’d love that to happen,” Joshua said via “That’s what people want to see. We’re both big guys, heavy-handed, big guys are clumsy and make mistakes. If everything goes to plan it shouldn’t be my longest fight.”

I don’t think that the boxing fans that will be paying their hard-earned money to watch the fight live are going to be too excited about seeing Joshua blow out a big stiff in the first minute of the 1st round on Saturday.

I know if I was seeing the fight live, I wouldn’t be too happy to see Joshua destroy the over-matched the 6’7” Cornish in the first minute of the 1st round. I’d rather see an actual fight that’s competitive rather than seeing Joshua obliterate yet another over-matched fodder opponent. I think Joshua needs to step back and see things from a fan’s perspective.

If Joshua does destroy Cornish immediately, it’ll tell me that Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn found another fodder opponent for Joshua to destroy. But then again, I don’t need to wait until the outcome of the fight to know that, because I’ve already seen Cornish fight before, and I know already that he’ll crumble immediately in the 1st round. I mean, I couldn’t see Cornish making it out of the 1st round against other contenders like Lucas Browne, Alexander Povetkin, Bryant Jennings, and Joseph Parker.

“I know everyone says you need rounds, (but) they will naturally come. I’ll never try to go in there and drag out a fight, especially in a professional ring,” Joshua said. “If I can’t get past these types of opponents then I’ve no chance of doing well in boxing. So I can’t give him too much credit. I’ve got to look at him as a threat that I need to get out of there ASAP.”

With all the muscle weight that Joshua is carrying around now in weighing 250 pounds, he really needs to get in as many rounds as possible so that he can build up his endurance.

What’s going to happen to Joshua when he starts facing guys that can go 10 and 12 rounds with him? I suspect that Joshua will gas out and wind up getting stopped over and over again. When Joshua gets put in with Dillian Whyte in December, we could see Joshua get exposed by Whyte when he drags him into the deep end and possibly knocked out.

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