Roach: Pacquiao would have KO’d Mayweather if he had two good hands

Freddie RoachBy Chris Williams: I knew it wouldn’t take long for trainer Freddie Roach to finally come out of the woodwork and start talking about Manny Pacquiao’s embarrassing loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. Earlier today, Roach commented that Pacquiao would have beaten Mayweather if he didn’t have the shoulder injury in their fight on May 2nd of this month.

Until recently, Roach had been strangely quiet about Pacquiao’s loss to Mayweather. Some boxing fans assumed that Roach was quiet because how bad things had gone for his fighter Pacquiao, and how Roach had no useful advice to give him.

After all the talk that Roach had said before the fight about him having a plan-B, C, D and E, there were no other plans. The only thing Roach could do in the corner between rounds in the second half of the fight was urge Pacquiao to put more pressure on Mayweather. I guess you could call that Roach’s plan-B, and it failed miserably.

“After the fight, I thought it could have gone either way,” Roach said about the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight via “With two good hands, I think Manny would have knocked him out. Most of the fans in the arena told me we got robbed. And at the airport, 99% of the people told me ‘we won the fight.”

I wonder if Roach really believes what he’s saying about the fight being a toss-up. I don’t believe that Roach is serious about that, because he wasn’t complaining at the post-fight press conference about the judges’ scores, and he wasn’t claiming that Pacquiao should have won. I get the impression that the only reason Roach is talking now is because a lot of Pacquiao’s fans have been vocal about how they felt he was robbed.

If Pacquiao two good arms, I think the outcome would have been exactly the same. The reason Pacquiao looked so bad was because he kept getting nailed each time he bum rushed Mayweather. Pacquiao stopped attacking Mayweather after a while, and that had nothing to do with the condition of his right shoulder. It was more of a case of Pacquiao not wanting to get hit with Mayweather’s right hands.

Whoever told Roach that Pacquiao got robbed, they were definitely in the minority, because few fans believe that Pacquiao was robbed. There are very few fans complaining about Pacquiao being robbed in the fight. Most of the fans believe that Pacquiao fought poorly for pretty much the entire fight, even in the first three rounds when Pacquiao’s right shoulder was supposedly 100 percent healthy.

Mayweather was nailing Pacquiao with clean right hands each time Pacquiao would attempt top bum rush him early in the fight. Pacquiao stopped trying to attack Mayweather by the 2nd round, and that’s when the fight became really one-sided. Mayweather took some rounds off in the first half of the fight, but his trainer/ rather Floyd Mayweather Sr. urged Mayweather to start fighting Pacquiao after the 6th, Mayweather retook control of the fight and had an easy time dominating Pacquiao in the last half.

The only rounds I scored for Pacquiao were ones that Mayweather took them off and was letting Pacquiao attack him on the ropes. Pacquiao proved to be poor at pressuring Mayweather against the ropes despite Mayweather inviting him in. The difference between Marcos Maidana, who did a great job of pressuring Mayweather, and Pacquiao was like night and day. Maidana was the far superior pressure fighter than the 36-year-old Pacquiao.

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